Sunday, August 24, 2014

FTMs are crazy

Yes, that includes how I was when pregnant with Zoe lol.
Just going to some of these boards and seeing how much some women freak out over the smallest things... I can't help but laugh. I remember being that way and now look back and just realize how ridiculous it was.
Like one woman freaking the hell out because she ate ONE slice of pepperoni pizza. Really??? lol

Granted I am still freaking about some things myself but... so glad I'm not still in that FTM stage where EVERYTHING makes you paranoid and you're super duper careful about following all the guidelines etc etc.

So I found the HB again for a quick second last night. Checked one more time before I went to bed. Had to pee like crazy so thought to try it.
It took about 5min and I heard it for maybe a second at the most. It was there and then it wasn't.
BUT... it didn't sound as fast as it should be? I'm sure this is me just being paranoid.
Going to try to wait at least a couple of days before checking again.

Zoe's 2yr wellness checkup is on Friday. Can't wait to see how big she's gotten.
She is growing up so fast.
She's said really short sentences before, but this morning I was talking to her while we waited for DH to get his things so we could go grocery shopping. I mentioned how the puppy was pooing all over the place. And she nodded and said "He's pooping in the house." LOL
I know that's not a huge deal or anything but just to hear her respond to me like that was.... exciting and adorable :D

Speaking of the puppy. UUUUUGH. This little shit. He's adorable and already part of the family but good lord... it's going to be a pain house breaking him. We'll put him outside, leave him out there for a little bit w/ the other dogs. We'll see him pee.....
As soon as we let him in, he'll go take a dump somewhere AND will also usually pee again. WTF?
Plus, he'll give no warning to when he's going to do it. One second he's playing, the next, he's pissing somewhere. Grrrrrr
I actually don't mind the poo so much right now b/c they're the size of cheetos... it's the pee that is ticking me off b/c even though they're tiny spots, those tiny spots add up and soak in to the carpet.
PLUS he will NOT lay by DH at night. He's a good little snuggle buddy but it would be nice to move around like I used to without having a little chihuahua trying to glue itself to my head/neck. It's sweet, don't get me wrong, but a little bit of space would be nice lol. Nevermind him waking up at 3am every night needing to pee and poop and then thinking it's PARTY TIME.
If he were a bigger dog, he'd be sleeping on the floor w/ the other big dog.

MiL asked me about names on Friday. I didn't tell her anything. I think we're set on the boy name, Bishop, but girl is still up in the air.
I mentioned River to DH but I'm not sure he likes it. I think he thinks I only like it b/c of Doctor Who and Firefly o_O I'm a nerd but not that big of a nerd that I would name our child after a character.
I do still like the name Harley, but the more I say it, the more I think it sounds like a future stripper name LOL. So I think that one is out of the running.
Asked DH today if he liked any particular girl name and I'm not sure if he was joking but he mentioned the name Penelope. I actually really like it, specially the nickname Penny. I actually would not mind giving another DD that name :D

Not sure how much he's thought about it though. I'm sure he will once we're closer to finding out the gender.

I told him I was going to ask them at my next appointment how much the 16w gender scan is. It's probably something like 50+ I would guess. If it's 50 or just a little more... I think I'd want it done. If it's a lot though.... meh, we can wait another month lol.


Shari said...

Just some advice on the puppy......Since we got Thor, I will take both dogs out. Once Roxy does her thing, I put her inside and then keep Thor out longer. He will then pee some more and poop (takes about 15 extra minutes). He gets way too distracted with Roxy outside and just wants to play instead of doing his business. Might help to try that, but I am not saying it will solve the whole problem. I have come to the conclusion that at about the 5-6 month mark is when they have more control over their bodily functions. Before that it really is just a crap shoot. Roxy at 6 months can now hold it for 9 hours and over night. Have hope (as I am trying to do) that it will get

LisaL said...

Thanks Shari.
The only way I feel comfortable with him outside is with the other dogs. Our other dogs do have a habit of sitting on the porch once they're done and he'll usually get up there with them and probably doesn't finish doing his thing.
He's just such a nervous little dog though and I'm seriously afraid of leaving him outside by himself. He's SO small that I do think a bird of prey would see him as an easy meal lol.
But yeah, it makes sense that he probably doesn't have total control over all of that yet though. I think he's only just over 2m old.