Sunday, August 17, 2014

One good thing about blogging

I can go back and reread all of the symptoms I post about w/ my first pregnancy.
Seems to be pretty similar to what I'm experiencing now w/ my symptoms coming and going. Well, now it's more of them getting milder then being slightly less mild.
I did have a pretty bad... for me.... morning sickness morning a couple of days ago. No throwing up, but I was constantly gagging for a good 2-3 hours.

I also had a bad nightmare the other night. Thinking back it wasn't actually that scary, but the fear in the dream was so real. Just some random psycho named Grant chasing me. Me running around the house screaming for help and not being heard.
When I finally woke from the dream, I felt so freaked out that I was convinced that if I got up to get some water, there would be a burglar in the house and we'd all die lol.
Oh pregnancy brain.. you make me so forgetful and then slam my dreams w/ scary or weird shit.

Our pup is ok. He's still not adjusted that well here. He wants to play with our other dogs so much but they just don't really want anything to do with him right now. I know our spoiled rotten dog Cid is feeling a bit resentful.  Oh well.
Zoe needs to be constantly watched with him. She's stepped on him.... on purpose and thought it was HILARIOUS. Psycho child.... she just doesn't understand that what she does can hurt him. She's so used to our  big sturdy dogs so she thinks she can be rough with the new one too. We're always telling her to be nice and be gentle. Hopefully it finally clicks and she understands.
Poor pup. Hope he'll start feeling more at home here soon. Maybe should've waited a couple more weeks before we got him.

Oh and I forgot to mention that SiL forgot to bring my damn doppler.......... GRRRRRRRRR so frickin angry about that.
Then, she says they'll bring it over today. Then she says they'll bring it today. I texted her to remind her about it last night, which she asked me to do, and nothing. No reply back. WTF?
They always rag on me about not answering my phone and there they are doing the same f-ing thing. At least we have a landline they can call if we're not answering... we're screwed if we're trying to get in touch with them b/c they only have their cells which they never answer.

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