Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I keep forgetting everything!

Everything I want to post, I always forget to do it... so here I go... trying to remember.

Oren peed on me the last time I gave him a shower. I will take a shower with Zoe and Oren and at that time, Oren was nekkid and I was helping Zoe get undressed. Suddenly, I felt something on my ankle and foot. Finally dawned on me WTH it was... it was Oren marking his territory or something :\ DH just stood in the doorway and cracked up after hearing me yell "ACK HE PEED ON ME!"

I swear... as soon as Oren hurt his finger and we were instructed to keep it from getting wet... he started playing in the dog water again. He hadn't done it for months before. WTH child?

Made the mistake of looking at animal shelters at all the cute puppies up for adoption. Sigh.... I want another dog :( Kinda hoping DH will agree to it, but I doubt he will. Damnit. We have room for another fur baby and so many out there need a home!
Sure, I want a pure bred dog, but a cute mutt is welcome in this home too :D

I swear my carpal tunnel is getting worse. Thanks last pregnancy :\
I'm telling ya.. my body would fall apart if I miraculously got pregnant again. Just too old and out of shape for that shit.

Ezra is definitely figuring out how to move in the walker now. So cute hearing his little grunts and seeing him sorta fling himself around trying to move it lol.

Had my fried chicken extravaganza!! Last night.... yeah.. that's not happening again. I wanted to make a lot of chicken. Enough for a few lunches. Took frickin 2 hours!!! TWO HOURS of frying!! How the hell does anyone cook a lot of chicken for a lot of people in a timely manner??
Granted, most of the pieces were giant chicken breasts, but still... yikes. Plus, the entire house ended up smelling like it. Good at first, but got old really quick. Specially when I kept waking up in the middle of the night and that's all I could smell.
Chicken came out good though :D

Only 5oz pumped yesterday. And my nipples are drying out like crazy. Splitting, and flaking off dry skin. Gross and Ouch!! lol

Not washing my hair this week. Ew. I plan on bleaching it this weekend (so long as we don't have anything planned).. so need it nice and greasy to protect my scalp. I'm still running hot water through it when I shower though. Last time I washed my hair was Saturday I think. My hair hasn't really felt greasy yet though. THink it's b/c I don't really brush it or mess with it that often. When I mess with it a lot is when it gets greasy quickly. Planning on taking some before, during and after pics :D

I'm sure there was more I wanted to mention, but.... here's what I thought of so far :)

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