Friday, February 10, 2017

Quick 6mo appointment

DH got back a little bit ago from taking Ezra to his appointment.
He got 2 shots... but DH said he only cried for a second. Aww.
He has some fluid in his ear, but everything seems ok so far. Just so long as he doesn't develop a fever, we just have to let this run its course. Figured that was gonna happen. FX for no fever.

Weight was 17lbs 8oz. DH said that was just over the 50th percentile
27inches long which was about 50th
and 46cm for head which puts him in the 96th lol
Zoe was the only one of my kids with a normal size head rofl

And yep.. everything is good. I think once he starts getting better from this illness, we're going to finally move him to his room. I don't want to do it while he's this sick though.

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