Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Monday.... and Tuesday

I've run out of post titles. Well.. I think that was obvious a long time ago lol.
So.. DH was off of work yesterday, so you know what that means! Grocery shopping and getting annoyed with him! WOO! :\
First up... after getting groceries.. came home, let the kids out back and got all the planting stuff ready.

Took a little while to do it since I had to take a break b/c my back was killing me, but I finally got it done :)
One tray of flowers and the other tray has all the food plants :)

The kids also had a blast outside.   
I had to take Ezra in early b/c someone (Oren) was feeding him dirt. Sigh... I had my back turned to them both so I wasn't paying attention. Turned around b/c it finally hit me that both of them were quiet and saw Oren trying to feed Ezra more dirt and Ezra's face all covered.

Other than that incident, Oren was having a blast too and got nice and dirty.

Zoe was having fun pretending to plant seeds too. Girl made a giant mess and stole a lot of the extra left over seeds I had lol. Oh well. Thankfully seeds aren't too expensive and it made her happy to think she was doing something.
She then saw the neighbor boys out back. There's one that lives next to us that is about 6? And then 2 more that live behind us that are a little older.
She called them all her boyfriends. The 6?yo one came back out and started jumping on their trampoline and she was fangirling all over the place. Kept trying to see him through the fence and calling him her boyfriend and how awesome he was. Asked her what his name was and she just said "I don't know." /facepalm
Anyway... DH pissed me off. He was on his computer the entire time looking up shed stuff. Which is fine... didn't have a problem with that. Problem I had was when I saw what Oren had done and asked him to help. I dunno what he could've helped with... maybe just helping me clean Ezra up or clean the walker up or something. But his stank ass attitude when I asked him to help just royally pissed me off
Seriously.... you've been on your computer the entire time... kids haven't been bothering you at all.... and yet you give attitude the one GD time I ask you to help me?
When he did it... I couldn't help but just basically snarl at him and tell him to just get out of my way and go back on his computer.
Again.. I don't want to paint DH as being an asshole 24/7 b/c he most definitely is not. I just need some place I can come complain about him every once in a while when he does have his asshole moments lol ;)

Oh... and that mattress we already had? NOT a full size! /cry
It's only a twin..... SIGH!
So we had to go back to Sams to get a mattress. Thought we were going to get to save some money.. but nope.
But hey... Zoe has her big girl bed now :D
She's still coming in to our room at night though :\

Just need to get her to clean up the rest of her room. Her bed takes up SO much of her room now. She used to have a lot of space. But hey.. now she has space on her bed to play :)

Speaking of mess... the sunroom is a disaster area again. It's not AS bad as it was before, but it's getting there. Need to clean it and make sure the kids pick up after themselves a bit better.

And finally.... saving money? Pfft.. what's that?
We haven't put it together yet for the kids. I kept bugging DH to get it and when we got Zoe's mattress, I finally convinced him to get it for them. This is part of Oren's birthday present though. After this last Christmas, we agreed that we really need to scale it back and only spend X amount on them instead of going crazy like we did.

Anyway... think we have a general area we'll be putting it in the backyard. I'm looking at cute, cheap landscaping ideas to put around it.
We need better grass in the backyard. Right now it's overrun with weeds.
Think it was 2 years ago. I went out there and pulled up an ass ton of dandelion weeds. They were ALL over the place and it took forever. And I'm sure they're all back and then some now. Need to get some weed stuff or something. I just want one of those nice pretty clean looking backyard for the family to play in.

But yeah... if we can come up with a good design.. I'd love to start doing the landscape stuff for the playhouse so we can get that up this coming weekend or some time soon so the kids can play in it asap.

Oh and as for the playhouse... we got it from Sam's Club for $299. It's listed as 399 on their website (and it's sold out) so it was 100 cheaper in the store. And on Amazon and the playhouse's company website (backyard discovery), it's listed for 599.
Also, the playhouse itself is actually pretty small. Perfect size for the kids right now, but older children... or just big tall kids may have a problem playing in it. The size is small, but hey.. that can be a good thing if you don't have a lot of yard to work with :)
Just wanted to add all that in case anyone was looking for a playhouse for your kids. $300 isn't so bad for an almost all wood playhouse that looks pretty unique. May be worth going to Sam's for.... just ask someone with a membership to take you if you don't have a card of your own lol.

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