Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ranting & random

First up... aunt... man...
So Friday dinner was at a place called O'Charleys I dunno if that's the correct spelling.. I don't care. DH and I hate this place b/c the service always sucks and the food stinks. It's just a typical low rent steak house that the inlaws frickin love for some damn reason.
So DH was told to meet there at 6-6:15. We show up at 6:15 and the inlaws are already there in the waiting area.
We're waiting on SiL and BiL now. We do eventually get told that we can be seated, that's when aunt becomes a giant GD bitch and just HAS to make a snarky remark to the little teenager that is sitting us.
She said something like "We could've been seated 10min ago"
First off... SHUT THE FUCK UP. She had a bad day at work.. ok... but that doesn't give her the right to make these other people miserable at their job.
They're TEENAGERS doing their job and following the rules of this place. We've been there multiple times and every single GD time we're made to wait until our entire party is there. We have to wait at every GD place we go to b/c it's a giant party and people don't know how to show up on time. They're not going to just seat 4 or so people when there are still 4+ more that haven't shown up yet. That's like standard fucking practice at most restaurants, SO SHUT UP!!!
But oh no.. aunt was in a pissy mood so she had to ruin someone else's night too.
While she was behind bitching.. I apologized to the girl that aunt first said something to. I was very close to leaving. If aunt had kept it up, I was going to walk out and sit in the van or go browse around one of the stores close by or something b/c I wasn't about to sit there and listen to that shit all night long.
Fucking piss me off.
Then... BiL shows up alone and then tells everyone that SiL is still at work. Dude... you could've fucking told MiL when she called your ass to tell you where to meet. You knew SiL had to work late.. you knew she wasn't going to show up. TELL SOMEONE. That way we're not waiting for more people to show so they can tell the hostess it's X amount of people. Geezus...

Anyway... we were all served cold food.. I'm sure it was aunt's fault for being a bitch, but can't know for sure b/c that place sucks balls to begin with. DH and I aren't ever going back to that place. We gave it another shot and nope.... they can go by themselves and bitch those poor people out if they want. We'll go somewhere better.

Since our dinner was so shitty, I was pissed that our big cheat meal always sucks b/c we're limited to whatever everyone else wants to eat... so we had another cheat day on Saturday. Bought some thin beef strips, bread etc and had sandwiches for lunch, then DH and I got some fast food hibachi style Japanese food and we got the kids Happy Meals.

DH also pissed me off last night (Saturday night). I was trying to get the kids to pick up after themselves. They were leaving their trash all over the place and I had had it. So here I am... unsuccessfully trying to get the children to listen to me, while DH just sat on the couch doing fucking nothing to help.
Dude... seriously??? Unfortunately it got to the point of Zoe getting attitude with me, being warned twice not to do it again, she did it again so ended up getting a couple of spanks to her butt.
I felt like crying... I wasn't getting any help and the kids weren't listening...... I was done. I still feel like crying thinking about it.
Again.. DH is normally a good dad and husband but he sure as hell wasn't last night. Dunno WTF his problem was.

OH also yesterday... it was nice out so we let the kids play outside. DH thought it would be cute to let Oren try to drive the batmobile. Oren did a pretty good job making it go, but he doesn't understand steering yet lol. So what does DH do? He shows him how to go.. then goes back inside leaving me to try to keep Oren from driving in to anything or in to the street. I'm not a physically strong person at all and it took all I could muster to keep him from running in to everything while getting my feet run over and my shoulder pulled painfully.
Sigh... again.. not sure WTH DH's problem was yesterday. He wasn't acting pissy.. his brain just seemed to have taken a vacation.

So anyway..... enough ranting..... not much random b/c Ez is fussing.
I'll try to get some photos of random shit up tomorrow though.
And yes.. I know my recent posts have been filled with cursing. If I have to hold my tongue IRL... then that cursing has to come out somewhere else! :P lol

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