Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Need to check myself....

Been stressing out lately which has been making me yell more again. Need to catch it before it happens.
I know yelling will happen sometimes... I've just been doing it too much again. Need to step back and take a breather or 2. Yelling doesn't do anything except for stress me out which blows the situation up more and ugh.. I don't want my kids growing up and remembering me for yelling at them all the time.

Do wish kids would just listen and do what I say the first time though. That would make it a lot easier :P lol If only....

In other news.. woke up with absolutely no boob pain. That is until I started thinking about pumping and got that let down feeling. Only managed to pump about 2oz this morning too. Probably could've pumped more, but ultimate goal is to stop so.... yeah. Plus I had already been pumping long enough and my nipples are starting to split again which sucks.
But mission "Dry these bewbs up!" is coming along.
Still sad about it, but not as bad now.

And just b/c... pics!!
The one with Oren could've been so much cuter if my phone didn't suck :(

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