Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WTF body? Why you do this to me??

So Ezra had another good night last night. He did fuss a couple more times, but went right back to sleep.
My ass though had a hard time getting to sleep, then getting in to a nice restful REM sleep.
I'd keep drifting off and then a minute later I'd wake up.... the ENTIRE NIGHT!! UUUUUUGH.
I dunno WTF my body and brain were doing but they need to stop it!
I feel ok today. Tired and worn feeling, but I'm not a mombie at least.

DH took Zoe to the local indoor sports center last night. Some of his residents were planning a trip there to play laser tag and jump on the trampolines... but at 7:30.
Since Oren's nose is runny and him being so young along with Ez... I decided to stay home while he took Zoe.
He said they played 2 games of laser tag.... she tagged someone once. WOO! Go Zoe! lol
But they didn't get to jump on the trampolines. The place closed at 9 and you can only buy an hour at a time play on them... which was still sold to them even though the employees know damn well when the place closes. So they all got their money back plus vouchers for free play.
The place is not even 5mins drive from us so whenever DH feels like taking her back, I'm sure she'll have fun :)
They're expensive though so.... yeah... not gonna be any time soon :P
Really wish he had gotten a picture of her though... sigh

Ezra had the biggest blow out poop. Getting really tired of this shit child! lol
Knew he was pooping b/c he started grunting in his walker. Told DH to get him out b/c it would make the poop go up his back.
There was so much poop that it was going to go up his back anyway. So... Much.... Poo!!!!
Said screw it and just gave him a bath.... it was just bad.... so so bad.

And I dunno if it's from Oren being sick or if it's from some of the food he's getting... but he's been having giant nasty poops too. Surprisingly, his don't stink nearly as bad as Ezra's do, but they're still bad since his butt still isn't healed from when he had a bloody rash.

So I was going to attempt to exercise some today. I still might.. lightly. Like watch one of the dance workouts and just lightly do the moves. I'm running on caffeine right now and just don't have a lot of energy.

Oh.... and I was eating more carbs that I had realized. I got heavy cream carbs mixed up with whole milk carbs. I thought whole milk didn't have any or hardly any, but no... that's heavy cream I was thinking of.
So yeah.. all of that pudding I've been having has been a lot more carby than I initially thought. I'm still considered low carb with how much I'm getting during the day, but it will be better now that I've caught that little mistake.
Too bad though... I was enjoying the pudding. Sweet delicious pudding.... sigh.....

Think I'm going to make some mint chocolate chip ice cream. Have sweet condensed milk, heavy cream, mint extract and chocolate chips. Will be my treat on Friday. Also think I'm going to start weighing in Friday morning before the bad food lol.
I did cheat and weigh this morning and thankfully it was down to 218.something. Not sure what it will be Friday, but FX that it's lower than it has been.

Also finally washed my hair last night (along with finally getting another shower... yeah.. gross).
I hadn't done anything to my hair since dying it except for putting it up in a clip. Hadn't even brushed it.
Had a little more breakage but nothing too bad. I can see some of the spots where the hair did break though. It's right up front where it was a little shorter. I'm sure it just got mixed in with the longer bits and that's how the bleach got down further than it should have. Oh well. It will grow back :)

I restained my fingers after washing it. I did put a teeny tiny dab of shampoo on my head to try to get some of the staining on my scalp off. Didn't work perfectly and not sure if it helped at all lol
Still have some staining, but with another good long hot shower scrubbing, it should be ok. At least ok enough that I won't be embarrassed to go out in public :P

My hair is feeling ok this morning. Still a little more dry than normal, but not too bad. Added a bit more oil to it and on to the roots (you're not supposed to).
Still debating if I want to use the leave in conditioner. It left my hair so greasy and heavy feeling before that I'm hesitant to use it again.

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