Sunday, February 5, 2017

My herr

Bleaching and coloring my hair. I hate this bc i always have to do it alone bc dh doesn't want to help and I know I'll always miss spots and it will be all blotchy and I'm too cheap and full of anxiety to go get it done professionally. lol So yeah.. Just gotta deal with it.

Took some photos of some of the steps...

First up... how much my hair had grown out along w/ the super faded blue part. It was just not looking pretty lol. It looks pretty good when it was still blue, but faded, it takes on green in spots and the blonde bleached parts start peaking out and bleh.
The products used....
You can get the 40 volume creme developer and the bleach. You mix one scoop of each together. I initially used 3 scoops each... needed 3x that amount.... yeesh...

Bought this stuff a while ago. It's supposed to help with toning down the brassy bleached look. If you're not familiar with that color.. with how dark my natural hair is.. it can range from straight up crayola orange to a terra cotta plant pot color which is not pretty. Or if you have lighter color or nearer to the scalp, it will take on crayola yellow. Just not pretty colors at all. So I added this stuff which was a dark violet color to the already violet colored bleach mix... not sure how well it worked really...

My baby bath bin of hair dyes. Doubt I'll ever use the mint green. Just thought it was pretty in the store and thought.. OO I want that color, but yeah... I doubt my hair will ever get light enough to use any kind of pastel color.

I would've taken a photo of the process of putting the bleach in, but I made a giant damn mess so only have an after shot. You can leave it in for I think 40min tops and you need a cap or something on over it to keep it from drying out.
Also with bleaching your hair.. you NEED to make sure it's oiled up or something which is why I hadn't washed it in a week. I still probably should've put some coconut oil in my hair too to help. If you do that, it will help w/ the amount of damage your hair takes along with your scalp. If you go in to bleach with a freshly shampoo'd head... the bleach is going to
1.... make your head itch like crazy
2..... make it burn like crazy
3..... and/or give you painful chemical burns
Evn with oiling your head and making sure your hair is greasy or whatnot.. all of those can still happen.
It's also a good idea while bleaching to quickly wipe off any areas of skin that you get bleach on. Like the back of your neck, ears, wherever b/c again.. the bleach can irritate your skin and give you chemical burns.

While letting the bleach do its thing. Oren was watching Curious George w/ his stuffed Curious George.. so frickin cute!! We got the plushie at Kohls. Seriously.. you can't beat $5 plushies!
And he loves his kitty blanket. Used to be my blanket, but when he showed a liking to cats.. I gave it to him. He calls cats Meows. Was trying to get him to say all the words he knows so I asked him to say Kitty kitty... he said Meow Meow. Lol awwwwww

Zoe the night before. Bought this dress for her when we were looking for Christmas dresses. It's SO darn cute. Wish she could've worn it more this winter but the weather has been so damn mild. Booo

And after washing the bleach out. It took FOREVER to wash the bleach out. I used a lot of it to try to make sure there weren't any too obvious spots that I missed. Oh... I still missed spots though.
It's splotchy but I dye my hair dark so you can't really notice.
What I didn't photograph was all of the hair that was breaking off.
So I tried my best to keep the bleach on the new growth and on the blue part. The blue part had only been dyed once so it could take it again. Well I pulled the bleach down a little too much in spots which resulted in insta-super damaged brittle hair that was breaking off and falling out with no effort. I mean just small clumps of hair coming out when I was drying my hair with a towel, or trying to run my hand through my hair to loosen tangles. It's a bit disturbing.
One of the unfortunate things about bleaching, but I imagine this happens to everyone who does it at one point or another.
Thankfully I still have a decent amount of hair left so... oh well lol.
I am going to baby the shit out of my hair for a while though. I have some leave in conditioner that I haven't used in a while that I may start using. The damage is already done.. it's just making sure that damage doesn't spread.
Oh and as you can see... that stuff to prevent brassiness didn't work very well.

So putting dye in my hair is an even messier process. Once my hair was almost dry, I gently blew dry it b/c I was tired of waiting and tired of my hair feeling like dried out straw (not a good feeling).
If you ever want to dye your hair at home... and you have nice floors, counters, etc... COVER IT ALL. With dark colors.. and some brands... some of them are super pigmented and if you get it on a surface.. it's going to stain. So if you have nice tiles or nice counter tops, be sure to cover every surface with some trash bags or something.
I didn't get any photos of that process b/c it is SO incredibly messy, but you want to put vaseline on your hair line, ears, neck etc. Anywhere that your hair will touch b/c some dyes will stain your skin. Also, wear gloves! You'll see why in a sec..
I let the dye sit in my hair for about 30mins, but I think 15mins is usually enough.
Color I used was Deep Purple by Special Effects. I used the straight purple on my roots and then mixed the dye w/ conditioner for the rest of my hair. The conditioner will dilute the color some so it's not as dark and bonus, it will help to give your hair much needed moisture if you just bleached it.
I ALWAYS forget to put gloves on when I rinse my hair out which results in super dyed hands. And with purple... it now looks like I'm sporting some very purple zombie looking stank nails...
You can get some of the dye off your skin and surfaces with rubbing alcohol. Bath cleaning stuff like scrubbing bubbles works pretty well for surfaces... b/c your shower, tub and the walls around it is going to look like you murdered a unicorn.

And here's my hair this morning. Light isn't the best, but you can see how dark it is. I put in a few red streaks for the hell of it too. The bottoms, I did do pink, but with my messy rinsing, the purple dye bled down so all of my hair is purple right now. The bottoms will lighten up over time though and go back to pink.

My stained scalp. I could used some rubbing alcohol to get a lot of that staining off my scalp, but b/c I put straight dye on to my roots... I forgot that it's not conditioned so it feels dry and like crap. Don't want to put alcohol on there so it can dry it out even more.
When I take a shower tomorrow, will not be washing my hair, but I will be rinsing w/ hot water and applying conditioner. Right now.. my hair is still feeling a bit blah b/c the bleaching process dries it out so much, so I want to do as little damage to it as possible and let the natural oils build back up some.. along w/ some help from that oil I bought and conditioner.
Just gotta baby my hair for a little while and hope no more of it breaks off :P lol

This is all such a messy long process. It's why I let my hair grow out so much b/c I really dislike doing it lol. It just takes so long and the feeling left from the bleaching.
DH suggested that I just let my hair grow out and I agree with him.
With the breakage that I was getting... I think I just need to let my hair grow out and cut off all of the damage parts and take it from there. If I want to dye it again or not.. well.. we'll see.

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