Monday, February 6, 2017

Oh children.....

So I'm sure every parent of a boy has had multiple instances of telling their boys to "Stop playing with your wiener!"
Nothing like making diaper changes and showers/baths awkward as heck.

Oh it can happen with girls too. Just replace wiener with whatever word you use for their crotch.

But then you think to yourself if you should say anything b/c you don't want to somehow make your child sexually repressed or anything but also don't want them basically playing with themselves while you're trying to wipe the poop off their butt.
Thanks for all the awkward moments kids..... I'm sure there will be many more to come.

This momma is definitely going to have to remember to knock before entering her children's rooms b/c the heck if I want to walk in on my kids masturbating. Do not want to scar them or myself lol.

So my weight was 220.8. WTF body?
Ok, so I did have more carbs than usual Sunday night, but they were all good carbs... or at least most of it was w/ a little bit of sugar free pudding carbs.
I have not been cheating and stuffing my face full of bad food or anything. I was eating a single bag of corn chips in the morning which are 14 or 15g of carbs per bag and that was it as far as bad carbs for the day.
The thing is... I'm pretty sure my stomach isn't as big as it was. Hoping this is an instance of me being smaller than I was even if the scale doesn't show it right now.
Will take a progress photo next week but doubt there will be much progress. I REALLY need to stop being so damn lazy and start exercising. UUUUUUGH, it's just so difficult to overcome the exhaustion and laziness.

Thankfully... last night Ezra really didn't fuss too much. He made a little fuss at around 3am, but I got up quick, inserted his paci twice and that was it. He did fuss at just after 5am, but DH took care of it and he slept until 7:40.
So YAY! :D Hopefully it's smooth sailing from now on and we won't have anymore long CIO nights.

DH is also supposed to be getting his CPAP Wednesday finally. Thank goodness. He had to call our insurance to see which pharmacies had it, then call the pharmacies and set up and appointment so they could show him how to use it, etc etc. I know he's excited to finally be getting it to hopefully help with his sleep.

But yeah... this weight better start coming off along with the inches once I do start exercising which IS going to happen very soon.
Tired of the rollar coaster. Time for it to start going one way and that's it!! Soon damnit... SOON!!!!

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