Thursday, February 16, 2017

A day full of headaches and adjusting

Stupid glasses... why couldn't I have 20/20 vision. Sigh.. I miss those days when I was young and had good eyesight. Then in HS, I kept having to squint to see the board. Didn't even think anything of it until it was pointed out to me. Then I finally got glasses and it became clear (get it? get it?) how badly I did need them.
My eyesight isn't THAT bad, but sitting in the chair.. if I took them off, I wouldn't be able to read what I was typing on the tv. Things are blurry.
I'm not like DH who is pretty much blind without his. Without his glasses, everything just becomes blurry shapes.
Hoping our kids get my eyesight.. or better yet... don't have bad eyes, but pfft, doubt that. Both his parents wear glasses, both of mine do too.

Anyway... today has been fun. Getting used to the new glasses and adjusting them constantly b/c...

****interrupted by Oren putting a thermometer in Ezra's ear****

UUUUUUUGH.... this is what I spend all day trying to prevent and the one moment I take to blog and this happens when I'm not paying attention. Awesome.
Ezra is ok. He cried for a minute, but he seems ok. He's having himself a bottle right now and is mumbling to it.
Poor baby boy.
Don't even know where the thermometer came from but in the trash it goes.
Not looking forward to stuff up the nose either which I know will happen.


but... my glasses aren't sitting right on my face. They need to sit up higher. I adjusted them some with some needle nose pliars, but not enough apparently. May try to adjust them some again, but not really sure I have enough nose up there for the nose thingies to sit on lol.
We do need to go get an eye exam though. I hate the drops. I can't help but freak out whenever the doctor tries to put them in. It's just my automatic uncontrollable reaction. I squirm and start blinking like crazy.
Do not fuck with my eyes damnit! Just ask me if 1 or 2 looks better!

I spotted some yesterday. Thought for sure that my period was going to start, but a whole lot of nothing today. Had some slightly tinged toilet water after using the bathroom, but other than that.. nothing.
I'm bloated, getting acne, emotions are a bit high right now.... just wish something would happen. Get it out of the way already.

I do not expect my weigh in tomorrow to be good.. like.. at all.

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