Monday, February 13, 2017

This and that

Oren is definitely not picky when it comes to spice. I made some spicy chicken skewers for dinner last night. One had texas pete, the other sriracha. The Sriracha one was tastier...
Anyway... he comes along wanting to dip the celery and carrot sticks in the sauce mix.
He's dip it... do that inhale thing that you do when eating something spicy, then go in for more lol.
Zoe never liked spicy food like that. She tasted spicy once and that was enough for her lol.

Random photo of him playing. I was getting him to say cheese and look at me, but my frickin phone sucks balls. Really need to get a new one. One with an actually good camera this time that takes photos in a timely manner and stays in focus. /grumble

My baby boy Ez just chilling out and babbling in his car. Put some baby lotion on his head to help with his cradle cap. It's gotten really bad and it's so gross. Tried combing through his hair to loosen up some of the big clumps of flaky skin then put the lotion on his head.

He's been sleeping pretty well at night. Thankfully that awful coughing that he had hasn't been nearly as bad as that one night. And other than waking up maybe once or twice.. he's been sleeping through the night.
Told DH we can finally move him to his room this weekend. Definitely want to wait... even though it's still gonna be me that has to get up to check on him if he fusses... sigh.
And just some randoms :)

And my hair. The bottom of my hair before I washed it again. It keeps getting purple bled in to it when I wash it lol. Still bleeding A LOT of dye out of my hair right now and it's rubbing off on everything as you can see from my current shirt. Made the mistake of picking a light colored shirt to wear... now it has a nice purple stain at the neck hole....


So after church, aunt picked up Zoe to take her to the local state park. Her husband's family was having some get together there and she thought Zoe would enjoy it.
She brings her back at 4...... with her dress off and her stockings and undies soaking wet. Why? Well... there's a small little lake in the park. You can rent little paddle boats and whatnot to go in to it.
Apparently.. they were trying to get in to the boat.. and it tipped over. I'm sure it tipped when aunt tried to go in b/c she's big and has shitty balance.
So aunt, Zoe and another boy went in to the water. Thankfully it's pretty shallow... but still.... sigh.
Oh well... if Zoe remembers it when she's older, it will be something for her to laugh about :P

So.. DH bought some chocolates yesterday and I ate my weight. Assorted creme filled ones and lindt truffle ones. /drool
So yeah, this weekend was not good food wise. Just emphasizes the need to exercise to help counteract these not so great days lol.

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