Friday, February 10, 2017

Noooo..he pooped!!

So... myself, Zoe and Oren were taking a shower. Everything was going fine... that is until I looked down and see the turds on and by the drain!
Yep... Oren pooped in the shower. BLAAAARGH!!!
Thank goodness they were turds though and not his usual giant mush of poo. Still though.. yuck.
DH came in, handed me Ezra (to give a shower) and picked the poop up.
I knew it would happen one day and I guess... at least it was in the shower and not in a bath.

Ezra's cough has gotten worse. Poor guy. I mean his actual cough sounds the same, it's just happening more frequently.
At his normal fuss time at 3am.. he started up. Lasted over an hour before he finally fell asleep deep enough that he wasn't coughing anymore.
SO tiring and felt so bad for him. Can't do anything for him and he was coughing every other minute.
He has his 6m appointment this afternoon so we'll see what the doc says. Doubt there's anything that can be done though.

Zoe decided she was going to tempt fate and try to sleep with us from the get go last night. Fate was on her side lol.
I dunno what got in to her head to do it though.
She kept getting up as usual.. nothing new.
DH and I went to bed at 9:30. I climbed in to bed.. DH was getting his sleep mask on. He was just starting to get in to bed when I heard our door open and sure enough... a tiny little 4yo silhouette came walking up to the bed with 2 teddy bears in tow.
I take her back to her room. She says that her room is too cold (it's not).. so I cover her up with some of her bazillion blankets and tell her not to come in until later.
I should've been more specific. B/c later in 4yo talk apparently means 5mins later.
Seriously.. I went back to bed... laid down... 5mins later I feel her climbing on to the bed at the foot.
Girl was determined and I said screw it. lol
Sure I had like no room for most of the night but meh.
Told her this morning not to do that again and all she did was smile at me :P lol.. Little stinker.

Oren has also figured out how to unzip his footie pjs. Got him out of his crib this morning. Saw that the zipper was a little low, but didn't think much of it until he poked at his diaper. That's when I saw that it was hanging off one side b/c he undid it.
Thankfully no poop, but there could've been.... there could've been.

Weight this morning was 218.8.
Guess that's better than when it was 220 lol. Going in the right direction this time at least :)
Still waiting for it to drop below that 217 I saw after that first week... and then some.
Hopefully soon!
I'm going to really try to exercise next week. Just unexpected crap happened this week and I haven't felt like it. I keep saying it, but it's true... I NEED to get this exercise thing started b/c it's going to help so much with the weight loss.

And yep.. I sure did fix that ice cream and it's delicious! Had about a tablespoon worth this morning (only b/c that's about how much I could scrape off lol).
It's really easy to make and at least I know what went in to it.
I used 3c heavy cream, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, 2tsp of peppermint extract, 2tsp vanilla extract, about about a half a cup of semi sweet chocolate chips chopped up.
In a large bowl/container mix the milk w/ the extracts. You could probably mix in the chocolate too if you want.
In another bowl, whip the heavy cream until it's well... whipped ;) This took me about..... 5-10mins (not sure how long exactly) using a hand mixer.
Take about half of the cream and fold it in to the milk mixture. Then take the rest of the cream and fold in.
Recipes I looked up said to only do 2c of heavy cream, but 3c seems to be the perfect amount for that amount of sweetness. You could probably even add another cup and it still be very sweet.
Anyway... tastes just like a yummy mint chocolate chip ice cream :D
Only bad thing is that fatty film that heavy cream leaves on everything. I don't mind it most of the time, but it gets a little gross you can feel it on your lips :P
I don't plan on eating a lot of it today. Maybe a spoon or 2 here and there, but I'm not going to go binge eat the whole bowl of it lol.

Oh and with fun colored hair.... if you plan on doing it, just be sure that when it's still fresh.. wear dark colored shirts and buy yourself some comfy cheap pillow cases b/c the color is going to rub off on both.... all the time. The dark colored shirts/tops can be stopped eventually, but if you use dark colors like myself.. it's probably going to be a month before I can stop worrying about if I'm making my shirt collars purple :P lol
Heck right now.. I'm still waking up with a purple face from color transfer.
Good times.. good times...

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