Thursday, February 9, 2017

6 months old!!

My baby is already 6mo. Geeze... I know where the time went, but Damn did that fly by.

My little Ezra is 6mo today and is now sick. Awesome. I knew it was going to happen. Can't really prevent it when you have an almost 2yo going around spraying everyone and every surface he can reach with a sneeze.
So Ezra spent last night hacking up some juicy coughs and I spent it awake.. trying to get back to sleep after each one of them. Poor little guy. He's acting normal thankfully.. just the horrible coughing :(

And random... here's the section of wall I want to put the chalkboard paint on. Hoping to do it this weekend. If you look close (or not so close) you can see where the kids have already added their art to the wall.. :\

Apparently they think they need to add more to the fireplace too. Sigh.....

Caught red (or blue) handed!

And speaking of his hand.. or more like his finger.... it's healing up fine and doesn't look too gross.


DH got his cpap yesterday. Too bad he came home with a shitty attitude. He set up his appointment to get it too late knowing full well that he has church on Wednesday (he volunteers and takes Zoe to Awana).

When I ask him if he's going... he says he might be late and that I will have to take her. Uh... no.
Yeah it's shitty of me, but I'm not getting the other 2 ready to go and have to take them in and out of the van just to take Zoe to that. It's a giant damn hassle that I'm not doing.

So yeah.. like I said.. shitty of me but pfft, oh well. Her missing a night of it isn't a big deal and he's not taken her before for small reasons so.. not a big deal IMO.
But oh no.. I'm queen bitch b/c I wasn't going to do it and here comes stank attitude in the door.
I love DH and he is a good husband and father, but GD he sucks sometimes.
I have my shit sucky moments too though so I'm not acting like I'm miss perfect over here lol. I just wish he would adjust his shit sometimes. 

Anyway... he came home a little late, but left right after to take Zoe. I'm sure he was all of 10mins late. Big frickin deal.

Anyway... he used his cpap last night. I know he didn't sleep well with it on. I can't imagine anyone does their first few nights with it. Basically have to learn what positions you can sleep in and just get used to a giant mask on your face.
His machine also records how many times he apneas at night too which I thought was neat. He said it recorded 16 times. /shrugs I have no idea if that's accurate. I wake up easily, but I didn't notice anything.
Just glad he finally has it so eventually he'll be sleeping better.

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