Friday, February 24, 2017

Get with it!!

DH wants to wait until April to start buying stuff. NOOOOOOOOO
Why does he want to wait? B/c we'll get more of that reward cashback thing from our credit card. I don't care about that! That will give us.. maybe $20 back. MEH...
I want to get stuff this weekend and damnit.. we're going to! we don't have to get every single thing, but at least get enough to set up the area and set up the house. We can wait to do little details.

Zoe and Oren had fun outside. They'll have even more fun once they have the house and whatever else :D Right now, they're just sorta limited to digging in the little bit of dirt that's out there. Both of them keep insisting on taking their darn shoes off though. Grrrrr

Pic of Oren b/c why not :D

My flower tray! Love seeing the little plants popping up already. Cucumbers are starting to come up in my veggie tray :D

My dog Cid... just b/c.

My horrible looking garden space lol. Need to get out there this weekend and pull up all the weeds and whatnot and hope there aren't any snakes in it. Doubt there will be, but ya never know. DH wanted to redo the gardens for some reason. I don't think he needs to and I certainly don't want to wait around for him to do it. I'd be waiting for forever.

The area I want to use for the kids' play spot. It's right behind/beside the garden beds. Wouldn't be in the way of the eventual patio/deck and not in the way of the eventual shed either.
Hopefully my next post will be of loads of pics of what we've bought and the progress we've made on fixing up the space. FX

Yeah.. my weight this morning was not good as is back up. I did eat and drink before I remembered to weigh in, but I didn't eat like 5lbs of food or anything so my weight shouldn't have been much different if I had taken it first thing.
Anyway, it was 223something. Sigh.
I am still feeling bloated, but it's my own fault too for seeking comfort foods instead of eating healthy still.
BUT like I said, this journey is going to be long and hard and I'm in it for the long run and I will get to my goal. :)

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