Sunday, February 5, 2017

Crying it out

So... we've started to let Ezra cry it out at night. A bit earlier than thought, but it was my choice to make really since I was the one waking up with him during the night when he was fussing.

Friday night... I was done though. He woke up at 12:30 fussing. At first I did the usual of getting up ASAP to reinsert his pacifier in hopes of him going back to sleep, but he kept it up. I'm not sure when I finally gave up and just let him cry. DH thought I was wanting him to get up to take care of him, but I think he finally realized we were letting him cry lol.
It was the best decision. It breaks my heart to do, but I can't deal with his constant fussing throughout the night anymore. I NEED better sleep if I'm ever going to have enough energy to exercise.
Anyway... I was getting up about every 5 mins to check him, but eventually just let him cry. All in all, from when I started the CIO method.. it took him an hour to finally go to sleep. Think it all ended at around 3am. He did wake up a couple of times after that, fussed once and then went back to sleep.

Last night was a tiny bit better. I got up twice ASAP.. again, in hopes that he'd settle back and sleep, but nope. He wanted to fuss and carry on.
This time took about an hour too, but felt like it went by faster. I just play on my phone anyway while I wake to check on him again. It makes the 5mins go by quicker and you can kinda zone out his cryng. I know that sounds bad, but it's better than stressing out listening to your baby crying while you wait to check on them... just my opinion of course ;)

Sigh... I'm sure we have many more nights of this until he finally gets the hang of settling himself to sleep.
Love my little Ez so much.

Zoe had a sleep over at her cousin's house Friday night.
Apparently SiL thinks it's totally ok to let a 4 and 5yo stay up until 2:30. Really??
I get that they're having a sleep over, but that's way too damn late for kids so young. Midnight maybe, but IMO even that's pushing it. And then, they got up at 7.
She also took them to the zoo which I'm sure they loved, but by the time she brought Zoe home.... Zoe was SO overtired and when she gets that way... holy brat whining HELL.
She's still pretty whiny today, but she had a normal night of sleep last night at least. She did climb in to bed with us at 1am though which is too early. She didn't seem phased by Ezra's crying at least? lol

And finally.. we've given Oren eggs for the last couple of days.
He had a few bites of egg drop soup at dinner on Friday.
Then on Saturday, DH gave him a couple of bites of his omelet. Then this morning, DH fixed him an egg of his own w/ some cheese.
No puking or anything so... yay! Hopefully he's over his inability to eat eggs without puking. We'll take it slow though. I'll wait a couple of days before feeding him eggs again just to make sure not to overload his little tummy with them.

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