Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday funday post!

So.. we moved Ezra in to his room last night and it went pretty well :D
Did put him to bed a little later only b/c DH and I stayed up later, but it went great.
He cried a little at first but went right to sleep and seemed to sleep well.
He did cry a couple of times during the night, but got himself back to sleep after a cry or 2. I did check on him the first time, but don't think I needed to.
The frickin monitor went off twice. First time, it only gave the first warning beep once.
2nd time.. it did the warning beep twice and then went off. He was just slightly off to the side... that was it. Thing had no reason to go off /grumble
But other than that... everything was great :D
Hopefully it keeps going that way!

DH also took Zoe's bed apart and put her big girl bed together. We need to buy a box spring for it and got some support bracket things just to be on the safe side (since we know they're going to jump on it so we wanted extra support).
We already had a mattress though that I completely forgot about.
Hey.. that is money saved :D We were looking at getting her a 250dollar one so pfft.. this saves us some money.
The mattress isn't like the best quality, but it will be perfectly fine for a few years :D We already have a mattress protector sheet for it and everything!

Zoe & Oren spent the night with aunt. She asked if they both could so... sure, why not. After dinner with the inlaws, we went to Walmart to get Zoe some new sheets. We got her DC superhero girl sheets and a throw. She was acting like a butt at home when we were asking her what she wanted, so we picked for her lol.
DH is getting the box spring after church.
I keep bugging him to also pick up a playhouse for them. Hey... now that we don't have to spend 250 on a mattress.. we can spend 50 more and get them that awesome playhouse! :D

Also went and got some more veggie and flower seeds along with some seed starting containers! Plan on doing that later today and probably tomorrow too. Can't wait to get it all started!
Let the kids play outside while I get that going and just get some sun and fresh air :D
DH keeps saying he wants to redo the garden area. DUnno why and really don't care if they're redone or not.

We also went to Target and bought a few discounted valentine's day things lol.

I Dunno what happened though but my body felt like it did when I was pregnant with Ezra at the end. Ached all over, my feet were killing me, my hips felt like they were going to pop out of joint, my lower abdomen felt so bloated and ached like crazy.
We didn't even do a ton of physical activity. Didn't walk around or stand for any longer than usual, but my body sure as hell felt like it.
I didn't sleep on it wrong, didn't feel anything weird..... my body just... sucked.
My feet are still sore as heck today and I'm incredibly tired.
Even though Ezra slept well.. I sure as heck didn't. Guess my brain isn't used to not being woken up so it kept waking itself up all night long. I slept ok, but just kept waking up every hour give or take.

SO tired right now.
I woke up at 7:30 b/c I couldn't get back to sleep, then took a quick nap at about 9:30. It's 1pm now and I want to sleep some more.

I did have a headache this morning that took forever to go away, so maybe it's all something hormonal.
Did spot some last night, but that's all it was and nothing so far today.
Whatever it is.. it sucks!

I'll post some photos up tomorrow or Tuesday. DH is off tomorrow so I may not have a chance to blog.

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