Thursday, February 23, 2017

So messy

Didn't actually get photos of the mess lol. No no, I took photos on the actual camera, not my phone and I'm feeling too lazy right now to hook up the camera to the computer, get the photos off, etc etc lol.
Letting the kids play outside now that it's nice out there. Going to go out with them once Oren wakes from his nap and try to visualize what I want for their play area and take more photos.
I'd love to give them a good space to play in. Put the slide/basketball thing out there. Give them a sandpit, etc. We don't have a huge yard, but there's enough space for everything we want IMO :)

So.. while waiting for Oren to get up....
Little stinker Ezra.
He has a blowout yesterday. Those are always fun... bleh.
He's still on the floor now. Lazy little cutie doesn't like holding his bottle himself yet lol. He's happily rolling around all over the place. He can go to his sides just fine, but still doesn't roll to his belly. Oh well.

And my pretty Zoe making a giant mess with her practice w/ scissors thing. I had NO idea how much she would love that thing. Just thought she would kind of like it. Girl demolished her book.. as you can see. Now to get her to clean up her mess lol.

Oh... and I totally jinxed myself. Ezra did not want to go to sleep last night. I think he was just overtired and it was making him cranky and he kept himself up crying.
It took forever for him to finally get to sleep. Any little noise he thought he heard in his room woke him up.
Then, he woke up twice during the night. I got up with him and thankfully he did go right back to sleep once he had his paci.
I'm feeling it today though. Doesn't help that Oren & Zoe woke up at 7am. That's not too bad, but I NEED that extra 30mins lol.

I'm also down to pumping just once a day (at night). And only getting maybe a little over an ounce each time. I'd like to keep going just a little longer, but yeah.. it's all almost over. Happy to have did it for this long and a part of me will miss it, but it will be nice to have my boobs back and not worry about cracked painful nipples anymore lol.

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