Sunday, February 26, 2017

Knew it was gonna happen... sigh

This is why I wished I could do it myself b/c I just knew DH would take over and make it more complicated lol.

SO I just basically wanted a big square/rectangle area.
Well, now he wants to put their play area all the way to where the shed will be and blahblahblah. Just basically making a lot more work.
Oh well.....
We just need the area level, put down some of that weed blocking sheets and put the horse stall mats down. I will gladly start putting the house together myself. The pebbles or whatever can wait. DH actually suggested we put down mulch.. LOL.. no. I want this area to be somewhere they can walk barefoot. Mulch (wood chips), they wouldn't be able to walk on it AND it would attract termites along with a lot of other creepy crawlies.
It's going to cost more, but I want the pea gravel.

So yeah... it won't be done in one weekend, but I'm determined to get it done dernit! lol We're getting nice warm weather so I can get out there with the kids to start.
Did leave Ezra in the sun for too long yesterday though. Poor little dude got a mild sunburn on his arm.
He is lily white though. He definitely inherited DH's skin and DH's quickness to getting burned. The other 2 got my skin. I still burn, but it takes a lot and they got the good part where they just get a nice looking tan lol.

Anywho... it's gonna get done.... /nodnod

I thought my period was going to start. I started passing tiny clots here and there. Nothing regular, but ya know.. I figured it was going to be the start of something. NOPE!!
I'm starting every other day pumping... if that. I still haven't pumped yet. May just wait until my boobs start hurting... if that ever happens. If not.. then.. well.. I guess this is the end.
Maybe my body will finally get with it and realize that it can get normalized again. Not that I'm looking forward to getting periods, but I just want something to happen instead of this random spotting mess. Not that my cycles are normal though lol

Ezra had another little rough night last night.
Went to bed perfectly fine. Fussed a couple of times, but nothing too bad and went to sleep on his own the 2nd time.
But then he fussed throughout the night and just... UUUUUUUUGH. Of course I was the only one getting up to check on him.
And then poor DH isn't getting used to his cpap mask. He can't get comfortable since he can't really sleep in a lot of different positions with the mask on so he was moving all over the place which was keeping me up too.
You'd think I would be used to this by now... and I kind of am, but not really too lol.
Sigh.. I just want a good night rest.

Anyway.. blahblahblah.... whinewhinerantrant ;)

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