Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weigh in is going to be so bad

I've been SO bad with food this week, but my body has been so achy and just shot to shit that right at this moment...I don't care.
I'm not giving up. Not even close..... but this particular week... I'm not caring.
Not going out buying junk food or anything like that, but I am eating some of the kid's discount V day candy and eating some of the granola bars they don't want lol.
Like last night... we had burritos for dinner and I ate 3 b/c I was HUNGRY!! ;)
SO yep... weigh in is not going to be good at all, but oh well....
I just wish my body would get with the program already. Stop randomly getting all funked up and let me just start exercising already!

My hair is back to feeling normal again after bleaching. It has been for about a week now.
Last time.. I only used conditioner in oil. I wanted to see if the feel of it was different.
The ends LOOK different. They're a lot floofier and dry looking, but other than that... I can't really tell much difference. I'll still use the oil though b/c I do think it's helping.

My hair is still hemorrhaging the dye like crazy every shower. My roots are fading some b/c I've been shampooing. And by shampooing, I mean a tiny tiny not even dime sized dab of shampoo to wash my scalp. That tiny amount has been enough to fade my roots and I'm sure contribute to the dye running out on other parts too. But overall, the color is holding up.
This is why I do dark color. 1... bc I can't get my hair light enough to do pastel... and 2... less maintenance to keep the color nice looking. The darker it is, the longer you can go before you have to do touch ups. I can't imagine pastel colors lasting for more than 1 or 2 washes.
This is why you'll see people with colored hair w/ their hair up. It's b/c they haven't washed it for X amount of days to try to extend the life of the color. Or if it's me.. I wear it up all the time b/c wearing it down makes me sweat rofl

Ezra is doing well sleeping in his crib. He hasn't made any noises in the middle of the night for a few nights now.
He has woken up at around 5:30-6am fussing. I give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep for another hour and a half. I'll take one more hour. I may not get back to sleep, but just being able to lay down and relax is nice. He's also more than happy to just lay in his crib too.
I would be able to stay in bed longer, but Oren usually gets up and he's not happy to stay in bed lol.
Ezra really doesn't like going to bed though. BUT that's getting better too :) So it's all working out so far!
Well.. except for my own sleep. It's still crappy.
I'm still waking up around 3am and then not getting back in to that good sleep.
I think that's been one reason why my body has been so bleh lately. Just not getting the rest it needs.
Took a melatonin pill last night before going to bed. Not sure if I was just tired or if it helped, but I was done by 9pm and went to bed a little after.
Hopefully I'll start to sleep better soon. I know it won't be the best b/c I never slept great before, but it would be nice to sleep better.

Found so many cute ideas for their play area in the back. Thanks pinterest! lol Just need to get DH to not procrastinate about it and get it done. Want to get the playhouse up before Oren's birthday. That means we can't put this off for too long since his birthday is 2 weeks away lol.
If I could go to the store and carry everything on my own, I would. I actually might with some of the things I want to do. Just have to come up with a final plan and write everything down that's going to be needed :)
Will of course take pictures!

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