Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Noooooo. RIP glasses

DAMNIT!!! My glasses just broke :( :( :(
They didn't feel right on my face so I kept adjusting them.. all of a sudden, the side part... whatever the fuck it's called started to bend more than it should have and POP off it came. /sob
I loved these damn glasses. Rimless which I love b/c your vision isn't blocked...
nice THIN arms? on them so again.. your peripheral vision isn't blocked.
Only negative is that you NEEDED 2 hands to put them on. The arms are springy so they spring closed when they're not on your face so you need 2 hands to open them up and put them on.. if that makes sense.
Ugh.. loved them... sigh... RIP :(
And the purple parts are supposed to be white but thanks to my hair dye... they're purple now :P heh

Thankfully I have another pair with the same script. BUT these are what the others aren't. They have rims and the arms are really thick and block my side vision. Plus, the lense part is too small for my eyes so my entire vision isn't looking through them. Didn't even consider that when I got them. Just thought
"OOO these are pretty... and look! A butterfly! GIMME!"
I've only worn these twice b/c I hated them and now I'm stuck with them for who knows how long.... /cry
They are still pretty... just not what I want and I hate that I have to get used to wearing them now. All I see is the rim around the lenses.... SIGH!!!

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