Friday, February 3, 2017


Good.. lord.....
Is it too much to ask to be able to sleep one full night uninterrupted??

I dunno what's going on with Ezra. Doesn't seem like he's getting sick, so it could be reflux or something. But every single damn night, he coughs until he's in deep REM sleep.
Last night was the worse.
He woke up at around 1:30am. That's about an hour before he usually starts fussing. I go ahead and feed him at 2 b/c I Just want to get back to bed.
Feed him no problem.. put him back in to bed and I lay back down.
Well.. 20-30mins later... he coughs and I hear it. I hear the liquid come back up. Keep in mind that during that whole 20-30mins he's coughing about every 5 mins so I'm not getting back to sleep.
Go over and check him and his right side is completely soaking wet.
Have you ever tried to dry off and change a baby without waking them? That shit is difficult!
First I had to use my phone for light to dig through the clean laundry all over our room. It's ALL in our room bc the kids don't know how to stay out of their drawers... so it's just "easier" to keep it in our room.
That's just lazy talk really. Sure, that's easier for Oren and Zoe, but we could put Ezra's up. We just don't.
Anyway.. I dig around for a good 10mins trying to find him a footie pj in his size. I FINALLY find one so now I have the task of getting him undressed and redressed without waking him too much.
Thankfully that went well. He did wake a little bit and started to 'talk' a little, but went right back to sleep once he was fully dressed.
WOO! Thank goodness... It's after 3 by the time I'm done, but I get it done and can finally get to sleep right?
Well..... sort of. I do fall asleep, but wake up after only about 10mins b/c Ez keeps fussing. Wash rinse repeat until DH is up. I ask him to go ahead and feed Ez. DH is up a little earlier, so I don't think it's a huge deal to ask since I try my best during the night to keep Ez from waking DH up.
Well.. too bad DH doesn't have that same consideration b/c he takes his sweet ass time getting a bottle ready. Actually went in to the bathroom and frickin shaved before he got a bottle. All the while, Ezra is still fussing and I'm getting up every single time to try to calm him down so he'll go back to sleep.
THEN, DH finally gets him a bottle, feed him... most of it. He comes over and says "Hey, where do you want him?"
Dude.... WTF??? I know you gotta get ready, but how about taking that extra 5 minutes to finish feeding your baby so your wife can  TRY to get back to sleep??
SO pissed. I finish feeding him though and put him back in his bassinet... and then spend about 10-20more minutes getting up constantly trying to get him to calm down to go back to sleep which he FINALLY does.
But then Oren wakes up at around 7 so.. I only end up getting another maybe.. 40mins of sleep.

So DH lets me sleep in on the weekends... SOMETIMES which I'm thankful for but damn.... I need more than that sometimes. I am one grumpy bitch (keeping that in check though today so I'm not a witch to my kiddos)... when I don't get enough sleep.

Yesterday DH said we're gonna have to be harder on Ezra to get him to sleep on his own and blahblahblah. Yeah... I know, but while he's still in our room, how about just frickin doing what I ask the handful of times I actually ask you to do something please??

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