Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Slowly but surely...

My supply is slowly but surely drying up. Getting less and less each pump. Right now it's about 2oz each time I do it. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.
Not as sad about stopping as I once was... just kinda waiting now until I do finally stop and dreading the thought of engorgement. Hopefully since I'm taking it slow, that won't happen. FX!

Sent a PM to a local martial arts place that teaches kung fu. It's close and seems neat from the little info that I could find.
Really wish these places had actual websites or at least posted more information about their establishments on their facebook page.
I don't want to frickin call you to ask for basic information that should already be provided.
Are you accepting new members? What's the age requirement? What's the schedule for the kid classes? And HOW MUCH??
I mean damn... is that too much information to ask for? Just give that shit up so people can either inquire about more info or move on to another place.

Still haven't gotten an answer back, but it's only been a day so meh.

Need to find a gymnastics place too. When I looked before, I only found 2 in our area and one of them was just a cheerleading place. Sigh.... annoying!
Keep telling DH to ask around work since most of the people he works with have kids. Maybe they'd know or have some info from someone else.

And I'm about a hair away from blocking every damn person on FB that keeps posting political shit.
So tired of frickin both sides posting stupid ass article after article that don't mean a gawd damn thing.
Wha?? This celebrity didn't say they hated Trump?? BOYCOTT EVERY MOVIE!!!
Wha??? This celebrity did say something bad??  BOYCOTT!!!! or... GIVE THEM A GD MEDAL!!!!!

Just everyone... fucking SHUT UP and stop being so GD petty with this shit!!

Geezus... I've never seen so many damn hypocrites!

In other news.... nothing like Zoe coming in to the living room to tell me I need to wipe her butt. See her butt as we're walking to the bathroom and seeing the poop on it, then seeing the poop droplets on the floor and the smear of it on the toilet seat.
Girl had diarrhea.....
She's not sick (at least not showing symptoms) so.. not sure what happened. She did eat a lot of fruit so maybe that got things moving and liquified everything. Still though.... BLEH!

Oren is sick though. At least he woke up with a snotty runny nose this morning.
We're just going to be constantly sick here once Zoe starts school... and then absolutely NO breaks once Oren starts. He's going to catch everything and it's going to SUUUUUUCK.

Ezra only fussed once last night at around 3:30am. Well.. he did do it again at 5, but only once.
I'll take it!!!

My brain and body don't know what to do with all of this uninterrupted sleep it's getting. I woke throughout the night for no reason b/c that's just what I got used to doing.
Hopefully one of these days.. I'll be sleeping the entire time and waking up nice and refreshed..... one of these days....... one of these days......... sigh......

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