Monday, February 27, 2017

Another one added to the chaos

Watching niece today.
MiL has pneumonia and SiL called last night to ask if I could watch niece today.
I'm fine with it. Niece isn't nearly as annoying as she used to be lol (Zoe is in that phase right now.. sigh)....and I knew Oren and Zoe would love to see and play with her all day.
And yep... All... Day... Long.
Neither of the 3 have slowed down yet. Just constantly on the move and making a mess.
Thankfully... Niece is now better at cleaning up after herself and her willing to do it is rubbing off on Zoe a little today to get her to clean up quicker.

So far so good. They have tracked in a ton of dirt from the back yard but.. oh well. Not the first time.. won't be the last. Another reason why I want their play area and better grass. No more of this weed and dirt crap that's back there now.

Frickin dandelions man...
And it seems like the dogs just loooove pooping right on top of the weeds. I poop scooped the other day after Zoe stepped in some and almost every single pile was right on/under a weed. WTH?
Hope this doesn't come out as bad as it sounds in my head, but now that we only have 2 smaller dogs, I at least don't have to worry about the kids stepping in a giant pile. One of the dogs does still leave some big turds out there, but not AS big as the deceased pup.
I do still want another dog though. Keep shoving corgi's in DH's face :P lol
Did want a pug and I still do.. one day, but I would love to get a corgi. Those stubby legs are just too GD cute! They're like a big/little dog :D
But yeah.. weeds.. BOOOOO lol Would much rather pooper scoop on nice plush grass :P rofl

Another restless night for Ezra. I need to just let him cry, but I don't like the thought of everyone getting woken up by it so I get up and deal with it.
I'm so worn out and tired in the morning instead of being rested :(
It could be worse. He could stay up. Thankfully he does go right back to sleep... only to wake up an hour or so later. Sigh.
Seems he spit up like crazy some time this morning too. Went to get him up and right above his head where he had been laying was a big wet spot. His head smells like it too. Bleh!

We still haven't come up with anything for Oren's birthday. Will probably do something the weekend after his birthday since it falls on a Thursday.
We think we're gonna go with Batman theme, but other than that... /shrugs
We still need to put his sensory board together.

Started spotting a lot more last night. Really thought period had finally started b/c I started feeling bloated and a little crampy. The whole 9 yards.
NOPE! False alarm once again.
I finally pumped again last night after not having done it the day before. Think my body is confused with it right now. Going to try to go longer without pumping. Just not do it unless my breasts start to really hurt. We'll see how it goes. Pretty sure I put in the last ounce in to the last full bottle though. Sigh....

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