Friday, February 17, 2017

Expected, sucks, but gotta keep chugging

So I knew my weight wasn't going to be great this morning.
Just feeling a bit blah and bloated.
It wasn't as bad as I thought, but still 219.2. So up a little from last week... for now.
It sucked seeing it, but it is what it is.
It's gonna go down damnit.. just going to take FOREVER lol.
And I did actually exercise this week.... once :P lol
I tried a dance video and holy crap that was embarrassing. Only here with the kids and I was still embarrassed lol.

Anyway, I forgot to take a shot of myself, so here it is. No change and I still look pregnant. Thanks food! /grumble

Next week... definitely going to try to get in more exercise. May just start pulling a Homer Simpson and just get a dumbbell and just do that the entire day. Why not if I'm just sitting around doing nothing. Just get a little weight... 3lbs at first and just lift it.

Ezra is going to be going in to his room finally. Tonight or tomorrow... not sure.
Part of me can't wait b/c I'm tired of hearing the creaky bassinet squeek whenever he moves in it, but then another part of me wants to put it off for longer b/c it means I'll have further to travel to check on him lol.

I swear... all 3 kids got hurt yesterday. Nothing serious thankfully...

Ezra got that thermometer shoved in to his ear. Yes, he's fine... 

Zoe was jumping off the couch on to a pile of blankets. Not sure what happened but she was on the couch and fell off the side of it where the side table is. Bonked her arm, leg and head. Think mostly her arm though. With the way she was screaming, you would have thought she had broken it. Nope.. she's fine and dramatic.

Zoe and Oren were playing on the love seat and Oren fell off the side of it. Totally fine and he was already kind of laying on the side so it wasn't a big fall or anything.

Sigh.... these kids are going to give me a heart attack.

Think we're going to convert Zoe's toddler bed to a full bed soon. Her big girl bed.... /cry
We're hoping it keeps her sleeping in her room, but I'm sure she'll still climb in to bed with us lol.
It needs to be done though. Her crib mattress is ruined and.. yeah... she needs her big girl bed.
Gonna be pricey though. Gotta get a mattress and get bed set for it.

Ezra is up from his 10min nap /grumble.... and fussing so... tata for now :D

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