Monday, February 13, 2017

Quick bitchy rant....

You have someone in your life or at least on facebook that thinks they're just so artsy and awesome?

Yeah.... that title has to go to one of my cousins. I can't remember how much younger she is than me, but I know she's at least 30. I wanna say 32? but I can't remember.

She considers herself an artist I'm sure. She mainly photographs. And lemme tell ya... other than it being obvious that she has a nice camera... her photoshoots SUCK BALLS.
I know that's being mean, but I just can't with what she just posted.
First up, requirement for her models? Bring cigarettes! 😑
And 2nd... she keeps mentioning her awesome makeup skills... yet all I see is just fake blood that was squirted on to her models.
Oh and the shoot was some stupid hipster zombie attack.... thing. Just lame in every sense of the word.
Oh look.. so edgy...... look how they're smoking... look at their tattoos. Look at their nonconforming clothes or some shit....
Just the lamest hipster most set up looking bullshit I've ever seen.
You know how basically everyone but hipsters see hipsters as lame ass douchebags? That is the overwhelming feeling I get from her photos. Just people I want to punch right in the throat.

Another photoshoot she had were just 2 grungy looking women.. or I should say girls b/c that's what they looked like... try hards... smoking on a couch... trying to look edgy.
Uuuugh, I just can't with that shit.

She can photograph whatever she wants.. and I know what I'm saying is super F-ing mean.. which is why I'm not saying it to her face lol.
Try-Hards.... that's what she and her friends are.

And can we all please stop acting like Beyonce's shit doesn't stink??
No, I didn't watch whatever award show that aired, but of course it's posted ALL over facebook and of course sites like Buzzshit is just all up in Beyonce's ass b/c Beyonce can do no wrong.

First... Beyonce is a beautiful woman and a great singer. She doesn't sing that type of music that I like, but I can still recognize talent.
With that said though.... everything she does is not gold.
Like her cheap tacky ass twin pregnancy announcement photos that got plastered everywhere. Girl... no.
You're a frickin millionaire. Aint no damn reason for you to be surrounded by some discount flowers on a broken down rusty car with mismatched underwear on. You have money... don't let a friend try to get all artsy fartsy on you b/c they have a stupid ass vision.

And I don't even want to know what was going on with her performance in whatever the hell she was wearing. Maybe all those years of people telling her she's a goddess and all that bullshit got to her head.

And... look up Fukushima reactor folks. There was a recent story about it that I'm sure most people haven't even heard about.
That plant is pumping who the hell knows how much radiation in to the Pacific Ocean.

If you like seafood... pay attention to where it's coming from. I seriously would not eat seafood coming out of the pacific.
Just think about how much radioactive water has been constantly dumped back in to the pacific. It's scary as hell.

Read the recent articles about it b/c it's seriously scary and everyone needs to be concerned about it. Especially the west coast... hell but really the whole world.
Fuck Trump and whatever stupid ass nonsense he's doing. Stop bashing him and his family.. focus on the shit that really matters.
Focus on this HUGE event that could potentially kill our oceans and in turn everything else.
I know that seems far fetched, but if you haven't. Read up on it!

There are bigger issues than stupid photoshoots, Beyonce, or what some celebrity said about Trump.


Oh and I THINK maybe I've felt my right ovary ovulating. At least that's what I'm gonna guess it was lol. Can't remember the first time it happened. Just rmember I was on my bed, I laid down and felt a twinge, very obvious pain coming from the right O area. Then the day before yesterday, I felt it again. Dunno if I ovulated or if I'm going to, but I'm gonna say.... sure?
So maybe that's why I'm feeling so bitchy lately. Just in that wait to get my period now that I'm not really pumping anymore.
Well.. I am pumping, but it's still only twice a day and now I'm not even getting 2oz each time.

Sooooo not looking forward to getting period again.. or irregular cycles... or any of that mess. BOOOOOOO
I'm done having kids... why wasn't taking out my uterus an option??

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