Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dieting sucks!

I have no been doing well on getting back on track with diet.
All I want to do is eat and eat bad junk b/c everything else.. I have to prepare and cook.
Was sitting here, whining in my head about there being nothing sweet I can eat... then it dawned on me that we have a pantry full of sugar free jello I can make lol.
Jello isn't my first choice, but it should hit the spot with the sweet cravings. Just have to wait a few hours for it to set up now. Sigh....
May fix some of the pudding in there in the mean time since it only takes a couple minutes to set. Sigh...
This sucks.
I know I've gained back everything and my body and brain just wants to keep up with the junk.
I'm not giving up at all.. just sharing the struggle.
There will be lots of days like this, but hopefully there will be more victorious days and the pounds will melt off.
Just gotta get Oren's birthday out of the way then it's smooth sailing until Ezra's and Zoe's birthdays lol. But hey.. those are a few months of no temptation of cake :P lol

Watching niece again today. They're outside playing.. getting all nice and dirty.
DH is coming home and working on the play area more once he's relaxed some. So glad he's doing it and not leaving it until the weekend to work on.
If he could finish leveling it off... I'd be more than happy to go out there and try to put the house together.

Anywho... my kids were the ones being little annoying turds yesterday. I'm used to it.. mostly.. but she wasn't. Oren's idea of playing is to smack her with different toys. He's not doing it to be mean, he just thinks he's playing and gets upset when I tell him not to hit b/c again.. in his 2yo brain.. he just thinks he's playing around and not doing anything wrong.
Plus, Zoe and niece kept leaving Oren out of their playing so that upset him and made him cry.... a lot. Kept having to remind them to include him.
This is why DH really wanted us to have another boy. DH grew up with his 2 sisters and nothing but girl cousins so he never had anyone to hang out with while his sisters were close to all their cousins.
DH just didn't want Oren to go through that too.. and now he doesn't with Ezra here. Just gotta wait for Ezra to start walking and talking and participating in the chaos lol.

And yep... that's about it. I've taken some photos. Will post them up soon.. ish. Not sure if I'll be watching niece again tomorrow. Hope not...
I mean, it's been fine, but it's still nice to not have to take care of another child rofl.

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