Thursday, February 2, 2017

What was I saying??

I hope my shitty memory isn't a warning sign or anything and it's just from lack of sleep.... b/c I'm in trouble if this is a sign of things to come. Yeesh...

I can remember the dumbest most random shit... but a thought I had just a few minutes ago? Flying away with the birds never to be thought of again.....

Oren had his follow up appointment yesterday. DH took him while I stayed home with the other 2.
Everything looks good though and doc said that he's healing really fast from it. SO yay :)
He still doesn't like putting a bandage over it, but he's getting used to that too.. guessing b/c it doesn't hurt as much anymore.
BUT..... now his poor butt is developing a rash. I swear, he's worse than Zoe was.
I remember her butt always breaking out, but not like this.
Oren's poor butt gets these bumps on them that will start bleeding when you wipe and I'm sure it stings when the wipes touch them b/c boy does he cry and scream and squirm :(
I saw it coming. His butt was turning a bit more red after a poop, so I had been putting cream all over his booty to try to keep it from getting worse, but yesterday sealed the deal on that. He pooped 3 times and with all of that wiping.. his skin just couldn't handle it so now we're dealing with a sore little booty today.
My poor little guy.

It's crazy how well Zoe memorizes stuff. I shouldn't be amazed since she's been showing how well she does remember, but... I still am.
I still see her as a little little girl. She is only 4 after all, but she's just learning so much and it's awesome :D If only she remembered to pick up after herself..... :P

Ezra is good. Had another surprise blowout yesterday. That was..... gross. Funkiest baby poop ever.
He's good though. Just eating, pooping, and sleeping and being adorable :)
Really do need to do more floor time with him though. It's either in the rock n play, the walker or exersaucer or being held. Only time he's really laying flat is when he's being changed or when it's bedtime.
He can roll to his sides, but that's about it. From his stomach, he'll sometimes accidentally roll to his back, but I don't think it's intentional. Think it's just b/c his head is so big and heavy so everything else follows it :P

Diet is going well for the most part.
I got SUPER hungry yesterday though and ate a bit more carbs than usual... which really didn't help with the hunger.
Maybe b/c I didn't have a lot of fat yesterday so never got that satisfied feeling.

DH was telling me about a couple of his residents. A few of them are health nuts (one of them had actually competed in body builder competitions).. and how they're on a fat free, high carb and protein diet right now and how they're ALWAYS hungry. But it's to help with their performance so... whatever works for them and their goals :)

And I was right about that one woman who posted before and after and how she wouldn't just say what she had done to lose weight.
She's doing some program (forgot what it's called). I mean if it's working for her.. awesome... but just come out and say what it is. Why be sneaky about it and only tell people through PMs?
Maybe she doesn't want to seem like she's advertising for it or something.. I dunno.. just annoying.

Now.. I've really been trying to not be as judgy as I normally am. I'll still have my snap judgements, but then I take a step back and really look at the person. This has really helped to change my opinions on a lot of things....
That is everything except for one of my cousins and this one chick in Oren's mom group.
Both are grown ass women and both seem like totally cool people... except for when it comes to the selfies.
I just don't get selfies. Sure... taking one every once in a while is fine... but why on earth do people think that their friends and family want to see them sitting in a car doing duckface?
You're a grown ass adult... stop taking stupid selfies!!
Like the mom group woman.... I can't even count how many times she's posted photos of her sitting in her car with shades on..... like.. really? Why??
Or my cousin who for some reason likes taking duckface selfies when she doesn't have a shirt on (thankfully the photo cuts off at the top of her chest though).
Again.... WHY?????

One of my other cousins used to post selfie duckface photos all the damn time too. Now it's selfie snapchat filter photos. Those I can forgive b/c some of them are cute and funny.

Still.... I feel like an old ass grandma complaining about this rofl.
It just feels so... I dunno.. self absorbing though. Like "OOO look at me! I think I look so hot!" No one cares sweetie.... no one cares.

And with that bitchiness... that's how I'll end this post :P

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