Wednesday, February 15, 2017

House plants!! So exciting

So so exciting I know ;) lol
I like my mundane life though... just wish there were aliens... ;) rofl
So... I just cut up the 2 pineapples we bought and prepped the good top to hopefully get a pineapple plant growing. WOO! (it's the red cup in the middle).
It's just in water right now but will be planted in some soil once it gets some good roots on it :D
That's the orchid I've had for a few years now. It's not the biggest prettiest one, but it's endured being forgotten about so yeah :P lol
And the other pot has my dead avocado tree in it. I should've repotted it a long long time ago, but laziness and a couple kids later.. it was also forgotten about and died just this last year. :(
Feel so bad, but I have another seed going in some water so hopefully I'll have another plant soon that I will definitely take better care of.
And 2nd pic is the bamboo we got for Ezra's room. It also needs to be repotted. Need to look it up before it dies. It's pretty good so far though and has actually grown a decent amount now that it's in a lit area (Ezra's room is pretty dim now that it has curtains).

My crazy plant that my mom gave me that really needs to be repotted. It's SO crowded in the one it's in. One of these coming weekends, I'm gonna spend the day outside just repotting everything, getting some seeds started outside after cleaning the garden up while the kids run around and.. yeah.. it will be a nice day :)

It's a very horrible looking tomato plant. Surprised it's still trying to stay alive, but it's getting pulled up soon so I can put the pineapple in to it. Or the avocado.

One of my new favorite foods!
I can eat the entire bad by myself and have a few times now. Not ashamed!
You can get it from Sam's Club. It comes w/ 2 bags taped together and costs about $4 something. Very cheap.
It's SO good. I saute it w/ some butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder. I like them soft, but not too soft. /nodnod

That's all the milk in the fridge now..... sigh. All of that used to be full

Along with all of these shelves. So full of milk w/ every single bottle filled to the brim, PLUS at one point, I had to fill a tupperware container too.
/cry/sings Those were the days......

This is what I pumped last night before bed. That's all I got after pumping for about 40mins. Right first, then left, then right again.
Sigh... soon... very soon it will be down to drops
Really need to see who I need to call about getting my wisdom teeth removed along w/ the implant thing put in. Not sure if I need to go through my regular dentist or call the place that extracted my broken tooth. 
Just need to get it done and over with. May wait until after Oren's birthday... just so I won't have to worry about missing birthday cake ;) rofl

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