Thursday, March 2, 2017

Finally & lots of pics!

Only have my own little monsters to look after today!!
Niece really wasn't bad though. She had a couple of moments, but overall.. it was mostly my own kids being little holy terrors :P Love my little goblins!
Have the urge to go somewhere, but also don't want to b/c Ezra is just too damn heavy to be carrying in his car seat now. I can't remember how heavy he was before. 17lbs? Little over 17? He's got to be closer to 20 now. He doesn't look that big to me, but he is solid when you pick him up.
I'm weak AF and don't want to carry him around anywhere :P lol LAZY FTL :(

Oh well.. it's almost the weekend. I'll have to be happy with our weekly trip to the store lol

Ezra is still waking up multiple times a night. Not really waking.. cry/fussing Once at around midnight, then again around 2-4. Usually give him a bottle the 2nd time. Just feel like he MIGHT be thirsty/hungry since he's going to bed at around 7-730.
It's tiring though. I've been sleeping better the last few nights, but still being woken up a few times a night isn't fun and it's not giving me that nice long deep sleep.
I'm sure CIO again would work.. I just don't want to lay there for X amount of minutes while he cries. Going to have to do it though eventually if he doesn't sort himself out.

He's cut his bottom 2 teeth :D He's not drooling nearly as much now too lol. Gosh.. time sure is flying by.

Ok.. so TMI...
DH and I haven't been having sex. It's totally my fault b/c I just don't have the energy or libido. All I want to do when it's bed time is sleep.
Finally last night... figured that I'd initiate even if I wasn't in the mood b/c it's been like.. 3 months? since we've DTD.
And OF COURSE... it was super windy outside and Zoe just had to get scared and come running to our room.
Thankfully though, we were just finishing up and I remembered that we should lock the door.. just in case.
Thank goodness we did b/c that would've been horrifying if she had walked in on us. We had the lights off, but still... nope nope nope nope nope!

Ended up letting her sleep with us since the wind was still pretty strong and loud outside.
She's still not sleeping the entire night in her own bed :\
One day... one day....

We still haven't  figured anything out for Oren's birthday. Will probably buy some stuff this weekend for it and plan it all out. It's not going to be anything huge.
We bought some water guns for the kids and whoever, so hopefully it's nice and warm out so they can go soak eachother. If the weather on is accurate, then it should be really nice.

Anywho!... Pictures!!
Never going to get a good photo of them all together... but that's ok :)

My little toddler dude. 
 Zoe and Ezra being adorable together. No idea what is on Zoe's face.. maybe chocolate muffin lol

 Ezra's poo face ROFL. I had picked him up b/c he was making the face while in his walker. Didn't want it going up his back and leaking out. So I had the pleasure of holding him while he tried to poop. This is some prime blackmail material right here ;) lol

Oren just looking adorable while playing with Zoe's tiara and retrieving a Batman mask he left on the ground.

We've been watching the anime Naruto on Netflix recently and Zoe has taken a liking to it. This is her doing her own Jutsu. No idea what kind it is b/c I can't understand what she's saying when she does it lol.
That's also our small little janky back porch that should've been replaced years ago. Really surprised it hasn't fallen apart on us yet. The stairs are getting there though.

And today... cut them up an apple and they were all just looking too cute not to photograph.
Gave Ezra a piece to gnaw on. He can't get any chunks off of it, but he sure did enjoy the flavor.
 Zoe. It's pretty impossible to get her to just smile for the camera lol. She reminds me so much of her oldest cousin in this picture.
 And last but not least, my almost birthday boy. So cute... so dirty.

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