Friday, April 22, 2016

So far so good... and getting quite sappy too

Both kiddos acting normal. Oren did refuse to nap earlier, but just put him down again and he seems to have settled in for a nap finally.

Zoe did wake up still feeling bad, but she seems fine now. Maybe not as energetic as usual, but normal otherwise.

YAY :)

I'm gonna have to take a before and after and then a progress in to destruction photo series to see just how long it takes for the mess in the living room to build back up.

Waiting until tomorrow to clean the carpet and all the mess.
It's humid and raining today so don't want to leave the floors damp. They won't dry fast and it's just gross walking on a wet carpeted floor... even if it is cleaned.
Shouldn't take too long.. it's just annoying how much trash builds up out of seemingly nowhere.
And no matter how hard I try to keep it clean, it ALWAYS ends up like this. SIGH!

24 weeks today. Drinking some Diet Dr Pepper. Wasn't going to drink any today, but with both kids waking up last night and going to bed late... I'm pooped and need the caffeine right now.

Zoe is so cute.. she says that I'm having a baby sister and she's having a baby brother lol. When I was asking her about it, she came over and gave my belly a big hug and kiss saying that she loved her baby sister.
OMG how frickin cute is she?? I know I say it a lot, but I just feel like the luckiest momma ever to have such a sweet caring little girl.
I could never imagine raising a little girl before having kids.. but now that I have my Zoe.. I could not imagine life without my little ray of sunshine.

And Oren... my goodness do I love his little snuggles. Sure.. it's probably going to be a giant pain when the new LO arrives and some jealousy issues will probably come up, but I love me some Oren cuddles.
It does get a little tiring when he only wants me, but also makes me feel so loved too lol. I have to enjoy it all now while he still wants to snuggle with his momma :)
Oh and he's definitely still saying yogurt.
I was getting him one yesterday and when he saw it, he started saying "yo-guh?" lol so cute!
Let him play with my phone a little today too and he would put it right up against his face and say "Dada??"
My gosh do they grow up so darn fast! They do not stay little for long... which is so bittersweet.

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