Thursday, April 21, 2016

Half done.. other half to go

OOOOO we're staying at the Stanley Hotel!!!!!! I had no idea that it was in CO and we're going to be passing right by the area.

If you're not familiar with the hotel, it inspired Stephen King to write The Shining and it's where the movie was filmed. It's supposed to be haunted too (which is what inspired him).

It was expensive though, but it's a splurge that hopefully will be worth it. We're not doing anything in a few states so hopefully it evens out lol.

We just now have to hope that there aren't any accidents or road work or anything that delays us any. We're already going to be showing up at a few places later in the day.

Oren is so stinking cute!! I swear he's saying more words than we previously thought. He's definitely saying "yeah"... and I swear earlier I heard him say "Look!" while pointing at the humidifier.

His poops have gone loose again. Boooooo.
No idea WTH is causing it but I wish I did so I could avoid it.

I fixed bacon for a salad last night.. he ate 3 pieces. Thick cut bacon...THEN I fixed some clam chowder. The boy ate over half the can of clams and ate them like a bird would lol. I'd give him a spoon full of the clams and he'd throw his head back and gulp them down rofl.
They were baby clams so nice and small so I wasn't worried about him choking or anything.
Still can't believe how much food he eats. He's not super chunk or anything either.

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