Saturday, April 2, 2016


DH has to work this weekend. Oren is napping and Zoe is at her granny's house (or aunt's). Just kind of bored right now, but I did get 2 new books yesterday so may start reading one of those :D
It was supposed to be 3 but Amazon sent me the wrong book.
Some book series about an Amish girl o_O uh.... no thanks... send me my thriller that I ordered please.

Oh... speak of the little devil.. Oren is awake lol.
He's not crying yet so he can wait :P lol

Went to thee store this morning to pick up a couple of things since DH doesn't want to go grocery shopping until next weekend.

I keep asking him if he wants to go look at and possibly get the van this coming weekend. We're never going to be ready for that car payment, but it's gotta happen eventually and I'd rather get it done and over with while it is still cool outside. Do not want to be all sweaty and stank getting in a car with a salesman lol.

Don't think we're going to the zoo on Monday :( Windshield in the car cracked and havre to get it replaced and that's the day they're coming to do it. Booo, but maybe if they show up early enough we can still go... or at least take LOs to the park.

Weather is cooling off again.
I do not mind that at all, except for the plants. Was really hoping to finally be able to just leave the plants outside, but nope! Nature needs to make up its mind already! lol I'll just have to remember to put them out so they can get some sunlight.

I'm already grunting whenever I bend though.... like... a BIG grunt rofl. And I'm waddling like crazy b/c my lower back is starting to ache and already can't stand for too long without getting tired and achy. I do love being pregnant... even with all of the aches and pains, but man... it would be a lot more enjoyable without those though rofl. I'm still going to try to cherish it all though. Last baby.. last chance to experience all of this.
It's going to be kind of strange not worrying about TTC anymore. That has been my life for the last... 6 years. Just crazy, kind of a relief, and also a little sad that that part of my life is now over and I'm going to have 3 kids to show for it. :)

Ok.. he's starting to fuss a little.
Oh... Zoe taught Oren how to say Uh Oh! It's so frickin cute!! He's really trying to talk a lot more now and I love it!

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