Sunday, April 17, 2016

Birthday Party and puke!

So yesterday started off weird. I hadn't eaten anything, which really wasn't abnormal, but it was morning sickness all over again b/c of it. I gagged and threw up the tiny bit of water I had had earlier that morning. That came out of nowhere but my own fault for not eating sooner.

DH went and picked up Zoe eventually since she spent the night w/ aunt. Bathed her really quick and off to the birthday party we all went.
On the way... Oren threw up all over himself again. Thankfully it wasn't as much as it was that first time he did it before we went strawberry picking, but it was still enough.
We did feed him an egg that morning so I'm thinking eggs alone might be upsetting his stomach b/c he had an egg before the first incident too.
I've given him egg mixed in with grits and he's had eggs in other things and doesn't seem to have a problem with it. /shrugs

Thankfully I did learn from that first time and had packed a clean set of clothes lol

The birthday party was great though. DH's friends had it at a fire station. Who the hell knew you could do that??? That was very cool and after everyone ate the snacks they had, the firemen drove 2 firetrucks in to their back parking area and let the kids go in the trucks and everything.
Zoe had a blast!
How cool is that though that that is even a possibility??
Wish Oren was walking so he could've participated a little more but oh well.

We MIGHT be looking at vans today after DH gets home from church. It all depends on if MiL can watch the kids or not.

DH wants to look at the Nissan and Honda, but IMO... looking at the options and their ratings... I just don't even want to bother with the Nissan.
For what we want... we'd pay more for the Nissan and still get less than what we would get w/ a Honda.
Plus... purely cosmetic, but Nissans only come in boring greys, white and black. /snooze
The Honda isn't much better, but at least they do give the option of blue and red too.
I just do not want boring grey white or black.

Lol, everyone freaked out when we told them about the Yellowstone trip b/c of how far along I'm gonna be.
I'm sure I'll be fine. Uncomfortable, but I'd be that at home too :P lol

Just not looking forward to 3 or 4 days o driving there and then the same driving back. Nevermind all of the walking we'll probably be doing.
Need to find some good shoes and break them in before we go.
My feet are so wide though that women's wide aren't big enough. Will have to probably get men's. I'm fine with that, but it's just annoying. This is why I wear flipflops all the time. Comfortable and my wide feet have no restrictions and can breath :D

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