Friday, April 15, 2016

Yeah... that's what I thought

After talking with DH when he got home.. yeah... it's safe to say that the dentist forgot to give me the numbing shot.
I really should have spoken up as soon as it hurt. Feel like a moron for not doing it when obviously it shouldn't have hurt the way it did and I'm really upset with myself.
Upset with the dentist too, but mistakes happen and again... I should have spoken up about it.
I definitely will next time if this crap happens again.
Seriously though... traumatized...... if you don't have sensitive teeth, then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.
But that feeling of when she was using the drill.... HORRIBLE. Straight up horrible and I'm shocked that I didn't at least make some kind of noise.

Anyway... over and done with. The cheek and gums in the area still aches some but thankfully nothing else.

DH is feeling a little better thankfully. Guess the new antibiotic is working for him.
So glad too. I know he was feeling miserable before.
He is still getting chills though which I still find hilarious when he comes out all decked out like it's freezing outside lol.
I do sympathize b/c I know how weird that feeling is so I don't give him too much shit for it ;) lol

Zoe is so cute...
So MiL watched her and Oren for me yesterday. She had to bring niece over too which of course, Zoe LOVED.
I got home and Zoe wanted to go over to her granny's house, so I told her "You're going to see granny and everyone tomorrow."
So she turns around to me and says .... "I'll see you tomorrow." In that goodbye tone lol.
She wanted to go play with her cousin more and her cousin didn't want to leave either.
I just hope they both stay this close as they get older.
I used to be really close to some of my cousins when I was little too and that all changed once pre-teens hit. Also didn't help that I lived in a different state than the rest of them.

Kind of dreading the birthday party tomorrow. I don't really know any of the people since they're DH's friends. The few times I've met them before, they're all really nice and friendly though.

But what I'm dreading is showing up pregnant... very obviously pregnant.
One of his friends has been TTC with his wife for years now with no luck. I know they've been going to fertility clinics, but not sure how extensive their treatment has been so far.
DH and I had our own struggles of course, but it still makes me feel a bit guilty showing up pregnant with 2 other kids while they're still struggling. I dunno... I know it's not our fault or anything, but I know that feeling of want and know jealousy too. Just don't want anyone feeling bad and me being a reminder... ya know?

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