Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thanks a lot reflux!

It's just past 3:30am and I'm wide awake thanks to reflux. Awesome :\
Took an antacid, but it is not helping at all. Tried elevating myself with an extra pillow, but I could still feel the bile wanting to come up.
Good times!

Figures it would happen tonight when both kids are spending the night with granny (or Zoe might be with aunt).

Yep... this is Oren's first sleepover!
Not as upset over it like I was with Zoe lol, but I am worried about him not sleeping well and keeping his granny and grampy up all night like Zoe did when she first stayed over.
We'll have to treat them to dinner or something if it does happen.
Oren was not in a good mood today b/c the boy refused to take a good nap once again.
Thought he would the 2nd time I put him down b/c he quieted down pretty quick, but nope.. 20min later he started crying again.

Hoping he's not getting sick again. His legs have rashes on them (on top of the eczema he has) and his butt is looking awful again and he has some red bumps around his mouth. I think it's still just from the eggs and throwing up, but we'll see. If he gets worse we'll take him in to get checked out. FX that won't be necessary.

Anywho... we're definitely going car shopping tomorrow. Hoping to actually get it since we're only looking at the Honda. Just nothing else seems to fit what we want and damnit.. I love that vacuum that comes in their minivan! How awesome and convenient will that be for this long trip coming up and just in general?? Plus it's like the best rated minivan and well... new car smell.. duh! :P lol

I just don't want to test drive it. I already don't like driving if another adult is in the car. Have a stupid notion that I'm being judged on how I drive if I'm driving with someone else other than the kids rofl.
DH better not push the matter. I trust his judgement on this so he's gonna be doing the test drive.
Just really hoping we're not disappointed in it.

UGH.... so found out that after yellowstone, we're going to be staying with DH's friends for a few days in their home. BLEH!
Just didn't even think about that when DH brought all of this up for some reason. They live in a city we'll would've been passing through to get to yellowstone (we're taking a slightly longer route).
UGH again. Just am not looking forward to it.
I like the friends and their kids... it's just that they're SO outgoing and I'm.... not. That's why I call them HIS friends and not mine b/c well... I don't think they like me very much b/c I am so damn awkward around people. I'm not talkative irl... I'm not charismatic... I have a boring life (That I love), I'm super awkward and... yeah. That's me.
I do warm up around people eventually and become a little less introverted and awkward, but I'm far far far from being a social butterfly.
This is going to be fun :\

Bleh... I really want to get my ugly croc game on but nooooooooo.... DH thinks we're gonna be doing some hiking or some shit in Yellowstone. Dude... seriously? I barely want to walk to the bathroom and you think I'm going to be up for a hike? He's not talking about a hike hike.. just going on some paths that might be bumpy and uncomfortable if I'm not in tennis shoes.
I just dread shoe shopping and then having to break in said shoes. As I've mentioned numerous times...
Tennis shoes just never fit my feet right. I don't have super wide duck feet or anything... but they are wide and my toes usually always end up being smooshed together in regular shoes b/c for some reason shoe makers think all of our feet taper in at the toes or some shit. And I always end up getting super painful blisters and the balls of my feet always end up becoming so painful that I can barely walk.
But... it's gonna have to happen I guess. I'm cool if I have to buy men's shoes. With how bright and colorful shoes are nowadays for some damn reason.. not like anyone is going to be able to tell anyway.

Sigh... can't think of anything else to babble about..... probably a good thing lol.
Time to waste away the night on the internet and hope this reflux calms down some so I can get back to sleep.

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