Thursday, April 21, 2016

Well crap...

Both kids seem to be sick. Zoe complained yesterday that her stomach hurt, but she's said that before when she had gas or just had to poop. She woke up complaining about it today so thought she just had to poop, but still no poo and she napped for most of the day. She's running a fever too.
THEN... Oren threw up today as well. I think his was just triggered by me holding him and rocking in the chair and him eating eggs again this morning. Bought egg cheese and ham croisanwich thing from Burger king. I had fed him grits and egg the day before and he was fine so figured he'd be eating other things with the egg so should be ok.
Yeah, apparently not. Just going to have to stop giving him eggs and talk to his doctor about a possible egg sensitivity. He doesn't seem to be allergic, it just upsets his stomach.
Anyway... he napped for maybe.. 20mins today and was so tired after he got sick. I picked him up and held him and he fell asleep on me. Awww...
DH took him to bed at around 5:30.... an hour early.
Also put Zoe to bed an hour early too. Just checked on them both b/c Oren was making noise. Gave him a bottle of milk since he hadn't had much to drink after he threw up and then went and checked on Zoe. Not sure if she was already awake or if me opening her door woke her. She still feels warm.

Sigh... hope they both feel better tomorrow. My poor babies.

And.. it's a no go to the Stanley Hotel. We cancelled the reservation.
I really should have read reviews about it instead of being sucked in by the coolness factor rofl.
I read reviews today and turns out.. none of their rooms have AC. Uhm... that's not going to cut it for a giant pregnant lady.
Plus just a lot of reviews saying that the rooms are really worn down and it's usually full of tourists. I mean it also has a ton of good reviews too, but that no AC thing just turned me off.
I did look at other cheaper hotels in the area, but DH made a good point that we're probably going to be getting there late and won't be able to enjoy any kind of view if there was one so we just ended up picking a cheap hotel on the way to the final yellowstone destination.
A bit disappointed b/c I do kinda want to drive through the big park and the mountains, but it would add an extra hour and a half and I'm sure by then we won't want to drive more than we have to lol.
It's ok though... the Rocky Mountains aren't going anywhere and we may visit them again in the future :)
Plus, now that we're staying somewhere cheaper.. this leaves more money for souvenirs :D

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