Thursday, April 14, 2016

Going to drive me crazy!!

What the hell is it with children and playing in the pet water???
We went through it with Zoe and now Oren. Heck, every once in a while, Zoe gets it in to her head to play in it again too. Just SO aggravating.

BUT, Oren has started doing this adorable little smile when he does something 'bad'. It's just so cute that you can't stay mad or annoyed for too long.


DH went to work today. Not sure if he's feeling better or not. Meant to ask him before he left while I was still awake, but I fell asleep :P lol
He got a slightly stronger and broader range antibiotic yesterday. Hoping that it works and starts kicking in for him soon.

I get to go back to the dentist today. Ugh.
See kids.. this is what happens when you don't take care of your teeth! :\
I just have to start getting fillings. I'm not worried about it, but I do hate having to ask MiL to babysit. She already has so much on her plate already. She doesn't seem to mind, but it still feels like a burden that we're putting on her which I hate.

Speaking of kids brushing teeth.. we totally forgot to brush Oren's last night. Oops.
Now that he's over his teething aches.. he doesn't mind getting his teeth brushed. He doesn't chew on it a lot like Zoe did so we actually have to brush them.
Someone needs to invent a 360 toothbrush for infant/toddler brushing. Something they can chew on and no matter which way it's pointing, it gets upper and lower teeth.
There ya go folks... million dollar idea right there. Someone get to it and then send me a check :P lol

His bad breath went away though once we were able to start brushing his teeth regularly. Thank goodness.

Just got done taking a nice long hot shower after putting Oren to bed for his nap. Boy is going to be such a handful. He reminds me of a cat sometimes.
Have you seen this video?
It's exactly what this cat does lol. Tell him no... he'll look at me while his hand is still pushing whatever off the table. It's pretty funny and frustrating too :P

Yesterday, he got a taste for lollipops and enjoyed the heck out of it while becoming a giant sticky mess.
Well today, Zoe got one of her Easter ones and he had a meltdown b/c he couldn't have one too.

Zoe is already such a little clown and it's adorably awesome :D
If she does something silly... "just joking!"
And she loves pretending to be different characters and things. Right now it's Spiderman lol.

I would love to get her one of those small trampolines for Xmas. One that has a handle to hold on to. She loves jumping on her bed which is a nono since she could easily break it, but DH is so against trampolines... even the small ones. I don't like the big ones, but the smaller ones w/ the handle seems safe enough to me. Plus with Oren getting bigger and then another on the way... it's not like it won't get used.
There are just a ton of things I want to get the kids but money money money :\

Don't know if we'll be checking out vans this weekend. Have a birthday party on Saturday to go to for a little boy that's a few months older than Zoe. THink DH said they're doing it at a firestation so I'd love to take Zoe b/c I know she would love that. Getting to see a firetruck up close and playing with other kids. She's gonna love it :)

And my gas is no longer scentless..... I'll just leave it at that..... /crygag

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