Wednesday, April 20, 2016

He won...

Yeah... Oren won yesterday. He didn't go back to sleep and I got him up. Sigh....
Thankfully he wasn't in a pissy mood for the rest of the day though so yay for that small victory lol.

Baby was worrying me some since I hadn't felt a lot of movement for the last few days.
But baby made up for it last night when I was trying to go to sleep. Had itself a nice kick party in there and seems to have started it back up this morning too.
I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or a girl.
We still haven't finalized names yet and of course that means family is now starting to give us their unsolicited suggestions. At least MiL knows we want an E name... but aunt.. nope.. she just suggests whatever the heck she likes.
She actually suggested we name the baby Xena if it's a girl. Saying how cute it would be to have a Zoe and Xena.... just kind of forgetting about Oren I guess.
No..... just no....

Anyway, they can suggest all they want... I still think we have picked names, we just need to confirm it.

Poor Oren is going to be bored as heck when we take this road trip. Zoe will have the entertainment thing to watch, but Oren is still rearfacing so has the seats to look at lol. I think we'll have to purchase one of those mirrors and angle it towards the monitor so he can watch it too.

We're gonna be on the road A LOT though. UGH.
We have a couple of places in Tennessee we want to visit that will be pretty fun, but other than that.. meh. Think there's a BBQ place in Kansas City we want to go to as well, but really nothing strikes our fancy when it comes to attractions.
We got as far as Kansas City with looking for hotels and attractions. Still have Denver and then the back trip to look up stuff for.
But hey.. we made progress last night which is cool and needed to be done. We haven't booked any hotels yet but that will happen soon.
I'm dreading all of this but I think overall it will be a fun experience :) Really excited to see mountains and to just visit places I've never been before :)

Grrr, my plants aren't doing well at all. I started some tomato and cucumber seeds inside when it was still cold and this prolonged cool weather has just screwed that all up. My plants aren't doing as well as they should and it's frustrating!!
I want my fresh cucumbers and tomatoes damnit! lol
Think I'm just going to have to buy some cucumber plants from a store. Other than not getting as much sun as they really need which shouldn't have caused a huge problem yet... I dunno WTH is wrong with them. I water regularly making sure the soil isn't dried out and I fertilized pretty darn well too. The plants are just... weak.

I'm gonna have to buy more clothes for this trip. On the road... I don't think 2 pairs of stretchy comfy shorts is going to cut it lol. I have my maxi skirts too, but again... we're going to be gone for 2 weeks. I'm sure one of the hotels will have a laundry to use, but still.... just in case nothing does.. I'm gonna need more bottoms. Thankfully I'm not picky and I'm cheap so Walmart or Target clothes is fine with me if I can find something that looks halfway decent. Think I may actually get a maxi dress or 2 if I can find some that don't make me look like a toddler putting on her mommy's clothes (I'm short).
Also need to find some good tennis shoes for my wide ass fat feet that I need to break in before we go.
I'm actually tempted to say F it and get me some ugly ass crocs. Maybe I will anyway along with some regular shoes :D

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