Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Seriously USPS??

So Amazon sent me the wrong book so I chose the option of USPS picking it up. It would be nice if they gave a general time for when they were going to do it. This is the first time I've used this option and I thought they would just pick it up when they drop off the mail. NOPE!!!
Yesterday we were waiting for the windshield of the car to be replaced and then decided to go strawberry picking since that just opened and it was still relatively early (more on that in a minute).
On the way there, I noticed the mailman was coming down the road and mentioned it to DH. Didn't think much of it... b/c it was just after noon and our mail doesn't arrive until around 3-4.
We get home and there it is... the note on the door saying that they came and no one was home. SIGH!!!

Seriously... this option is good and all for folks like myself who don't want to drag 2 kids to the post office, but damn... some heads up so I'm not waiting all day or hoping I'm not in the shower or pooping when they arrive would be nice.
Guess it's a good thing they give 3 more chances to pick up the package.

So strawberry picking would've went well.... if Oren hadn't vomited all over himself on the way there. Guess that combo of applesauce and milk didn't sit too well in his stomach.
Poor guy.
And of course.... us being the unprepared parents we are.... didn't have a chance of clothes for him... or a towel.
Thankfully where was a roll of paper towels in the car though.
AND I was the one tasked to clean it all up since I'm giant and pregnant and can't bend down too easily any longer.
DH took Zoe to go pick while I was on cleanup duty. UGH.
Gross... just straight up gross.
Warm vomit is disgusting, but when it gets cold..... that's even worse.
 I cleaned up as much as possible, but he still had to sit in it on the way home. Poor guy.
He was fine though and enjoyed a couple of freshly picked strawberries.
I'm sure I looked weird with a nekkid baby sitting on my lap (he was in a diaper), but oh well.

THEN! After DH picks the first bucket.... he comes over to where I'm sitting to drop it off and I feel the rumble. I feel the bubbleguts.
Of course this place only has port-o-potties. Thankfully I was the first person to use it so didn't have to look in to a poo hole full of grossness. Still.. it's gross using one of those things, but I was literally about to crap my pants so there was no choice.
Didn't want the smell of vomit along with poo pants to fill the car on the way home :P lol

Good times... good times.

Speaking of port-o-potties.... I was sitting outside with the kids while DH demo'd the area where the closet door was going to go in the new room.
I started smelling something awful. Smelled just like something had died. I at first thought that it was maybe a dead bird or something in the bushes by the house, but then looked a bit further down the road towards the house that's being reno'd.....
Not a dead animal.. nope.. it was the port-o-potty being emptied /vomits. Of course it was a nice windy day... and we were downwind.

If you like thriller type of books and an easy read... I highly recommend Bird Box by Josh Malerman. I started it on Sunday and finished it that night. Thankfully Oren and then eventually Zoe (when she was brought home) were mostly well behaved so I could read it.
It's a bit horror too so keep that in mind.

I know DH is trying to put it off, but I really hope we do go look at vans this weekend.  Need to get him to call his parents to see if they're ready to take over payments of the Terrain.

And finally... I think....
I get to get my broken tooth pulled Thursday! YAY and UGH! lol
YAY b/c that area is sensitive and hoping that once it's pulled and sewed all up that it won't be any longer and I won't be afraid to chew on that side lol... ugh b/c well.. it's getting a tooth pulled. That's going to suck and I'm sure recovery isn't gonna be much fun either.
It's gotta be done though. It's been too long and I'm tired of having that area of my mouth sensitive to crunch and to temps.

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