Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What next??

I'm probably going to be posting a lot since DH isn't home b/c I'm gonna get bored and need someone/think to talk to when the kids are in bed lol.

Anyway... the oven isn't working now. Awesome.
Bought some ribs when I went to the store. Ribs aren't DH's favorite, they're on sale, so I figured it would make a great dinner. Preheat the oven.. didn't think much of it.
A couple hours later... wondering why I'm not smelling anything. Kind of push it in the back of my mind.... hour later... wondering the same thing.
I finally check on it when it should've been done and it's stone cold. SIGH!!!!
I just refroze the ribs. They were still frozen when I put them first in so even though it had been a few hours, they were still cool to the touch. Should be ok.
The stove top still works thankfully.
Was really looking forward to those ribs... /sniffles lol

Oren's rash looks better. Looks like the blisters are drying up which is great.
Zoe has a few blisters on her hands that still look juicy.
They're both still acting perfectly normal though so yay for that :)
Just glad this is one of those childhood illnesses that shouldn't reoccur. Kind of like chickenpox. Rare to get it again if you had it once.

I'm sick of seeing this Beyonce Lemonade shit everywhere.... the end....

Also sick of this bathroom bill bullshit. Are people just that stupid to think this is an issue?
Like all of a sudden, transgender people have all become sexual predators?? Like this bill is going to somehow make it more difficult for actual sexual predators to attack people if they wanted?
What a load of HORSESHIT.
And such a GD waste of frickin time and money debating this stupid crap. UGH just royally pisses me off that people are making this some HUGE deal like everyone is going to be vulnerable now. Just stupid ass ignorance and fear mongering BS.
It's why Trump is so damn popular......
Gotta love the south /smirk

Hmm... think I'm gonna go read some before going to bed. Weird not having DH here. Was thinking about letting Zoe sleep with me lol. Maybe tomorrow night if she's good lol.
Will have to barricade her in on the bed though so she doesn't roll off at night lol.

Oh forgot to mention that the doc office gave me a print off of safe bug spray to use. Guess a lot of women are freaking out over the Zika virus thing. Guess I would be too if I was earlier in my pregnancy.

Speaking of bugs... frickin flies have invaded the house now. Annoying ass little bastards!!!
Had one last week fly right at my face, go AROUND my glasses and flew right in to my eye. WTF??? UGH... can't stand flies. Don't know where the fly swatter is. Need to find it or get a new one and go hunting.

I've made the mistake of letting Oren play with my phone. Now when he sees it, he screams and fusses at me. I don't give in to that crap, but damn.. would it be easy to just to have some peace... and working ears.
He's also actually started to point at something he wants. He was pointing a lot before, but it was kind of random. Now.. totally not random and he definitely uses that finger a lot. Including digging in his ear and then popping that finger right in to his mouth after /gag
He better not be a booger eater. Yuck...

And finally...
Still really excited and dreading this trip coming up. Had to schedule one of my appointments for the day after we get back. That's going to suck. I'm sure I'm not gonna want to go anywhere, but oh well lol.
But just for the experience, even if it isn't all good will be a fun memory to have. May not be so fun while it's happening, but down the road.. hopefully lol.
I'll really try to remember to take loads of photos. Get so lazy when taking photos and usually end up only taking 1 or 2 that I like and end up posting here.
The few of you that do read my ramblings will be bombarded with photos!!

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