Friday, April 15, 2016

That came out of nowhere

So DH could go to Vegas in December? this year for some pharmacy thing. I know he did really want to go to it and to visit his friend that lives kinda nearby. He would be gone for 2 weeks though and with a new LO... just do not know if that's going to happen.
Probably not and I'm sure he'll be able to find a replacement easily lol.

He has in the past talked about visiting this friend. It's the same one that we went to visit in Italy when he and his family were stationed there.
He's now in..... actually.. I have no idea where.. somewhere in the midwest.
Anywho... DH texted me earlier asking if I wanted to go to Yellowstone w/ the kids in early June.
Uh.... ok.
Then of course he elaborated saying that this friend was planning a trip then and I guess asked if DH and fam wanted to come along too.

So yeah.... looks like we are getting a family vacation this year.
Kinda don't want to go b/c it's going to be so expensive, but also do want to go b/c I've never been to Yellowstone or really off the eastern coast of the US.

But this means DH can't really put off minivan shopping any longer. Flying would be too expensive and not really sure on the whole carseat issue we'd run in to too. How awkward would that be to take along the carseats?
But mostly it's the expense. Cheapest tickets would be around $1500.. that's with Oren sitting in our laps.
BUT.... driving is probably going to take us at least 2 days so of course we'd have to spend money on gas, food, hotel room, etc which will add up too. And have to think about the trip back.... that's going to suck balls.
Just gotta see how much that will be in comparison I guess.

Either way is going to be expensive and shitty. One is just a quicker shittier expensive option than the other rofl.
We'll see though I guess. Either way.. we need that van.

Now to find a route to Yellowstone and then try to find good stop areas along the way. The scenic but still fast route lol.

THEN..... this isn't even mentioning that I'm going to be 7m pregnant. Huge, uncomfortable and frickin diabetic rofl. That's going to suck balls.
And the kids..... uuuuuuuuugh lol.
Zoe would be ok... especially if we had the van and it has the entertainment system in it. Oren... maybe. He really does not like being in his carseat, plus he'd be rearfacing so wouldn't exactly be able to watch anything on the system lol.

I dunno... We'd make it work obviously, but still...... already not looking forward to that possibility or flying.

But ya know.. it could all be worth it to get to see one of our great national parks :) I'll endure all the suckiness and penny pinching to come after, to get to say that I've been there. Would definitely have to get some more vacation clothes though.... mmhmm..... HAVE TO ;)

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