Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Poor DH

He has tonsillitis. His throat has been killing him for the last few days. He can't swallow without it hurting like crazy and his right ear hurts as well. He went to the Urgent Care place and the doc saw that his right tonsil is extremely swollen and inflamed and it's causing some blockage in his ear which is why that hurts too.
He's stayed home b/c it hasn't gotten any better even with the meds he got. He just left to go back to the doctor b/c it still hurts just as much as it did before.
Feel so bad for him. That tonsil looks terrible from what I can see. It blocked almost half of his throat. He doesn't have trouble breathing.. just swallowing though.
He could need his tonsils removed.
He's also been getting chills pretty bad.
The other night. I was actually sweating b/c it was warm in the house while he had put on a sweater, sweat pants, socks and had multiple blankets on b/c he was cold.
He doesn't have a fever or anything though. Guess it's just his body trying to fight off what is wrong.
He's ok otherwise though, but I know how bad a sore throat can make you feel so I feel so bad for him.

In other news....

Well, not much else going on really.
Both kids are doing well.
Oren just got bit by the stupid cat, but the cat has been pretty patient with him up til this point.
I dunno what it is with the cat and the kids obsession with it.
Zoe was the exact same way and she got bitten too....multiple times.

Ready for these stupid stitches to go away. One of them fell out a couple days ago. I could feel it dangling and feel it when I bit down.
It feels like the other stitch or stitches are almost at the point of falling out too, but they're hanging in there stubbornly.
It's just an annoying feeling being able to notice them.

The 2 teeth that  were against the broken one are a bit achy and the section of cheek that's up against that area can get achy as well. But overall it's ok :)

We took the little potties away and bought another of the seat ones for the other bathroom toilet for Zoe.
We were just getting tired of cleaning the little ones really lol. Plus she would use the regular toilets so we figured she was ready to just use the regular ones.
She's growing so fast. She's a total chatterbox now and it still just amazes me just how much she's grown and developed.
I do lose my patience with her sometimes though. Makes me feel SO guilty b/c most of the time, she's not doing anything bad... she's just nonstop ya know? And just it grates on your nerves.

Oren is good too. He babbles a lot which is always adorable.
Still not walking on his own but he walks with one hand held pretty well.
He's SO clingy though. I love all the snuggles I get from him, but it's almost impossible to get anything done b/c as soon as I get up to do anything, he's right on my heels. I imagine it's going to get a lot worse when he is walking.
Kind of worried how he's going to feel when the new sibling arrives. Really hope he doesn't become too jealous or feels left out or anything.

Pregnancy is going fine as far as I can tell. Just SUPER bloated and feel HUGE. Everything is already pushed up in to my lungs so I get short of breath already.
Baby is moving a lot though.

Oh... Zoe is so cute. She's still hoping for a sister, but either way, wants the baby to stay in her room with her. Awwwwww
And she'll hug me, then hug my belly and kiss it.
It's so SO sweet. These LOs are so lucky to have such an awesome loving big sister :)

I do wish I could frickin sleep all night long.
From my throat drying out, aches and pains and then needing to pee.... I just want a good 3 or 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep! I haven't had that in gosh.. probably close to a year and a half or longer.

And finally a minor rant....

Why the hell do women want to call a sexual partner "Daddy"??? How frickin creepy and wrong is that mess??

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