Friday, April 22, 2016

Yep.. last night sucked

No more fever for Zoe thankfully, but her tummy still hurts. Giving her some miralax and some apple prune juice in hopes of it helping her finally poop.
Her normal schedule is about every other to every 2 days. Think this will be the 3rd day of no pooping.

Oren is better this morning too. He did throw up in his sleep last night though.
Went to bed late waiting up for DH to get home. Went to bed and was trying to get to sleep when I heard him throw up on the monitor. Wasn't sure what I heard at first, but figured I should check on him just in case and sure enough, he had thrown up and was sleeping soundly in it. BLEH!
Had to wake DH up to help clean everything up.
Definitely no more eggs for little man.
This would explain why he's getting gross poop too.

Anywho... It doesn't seem to be an allergy.. it just upsets his stomach, so we won't take away things that have egg in it, like cake or bread or whatever.
He definitely gets this from me, but I didn't develop a sensitivity to eggs until I was an adult. I never had a problem with eggs when I was a child.

But yeah... I just wiped him off last night as best as I could. They both need a good long soak in a nice warm bath.
Just going to wait for it to warm up a little before doing that.

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