Sunday, April 24, 2016

Good news... and bad news

First, the good news!

We got our van yesterday! (saturday)
It's so nice and man... love that new car smell :D I actually drove it for the first time today to the store.
It's SO nice. You can really tell the difference in the power of the engine compared to the Terrain we have. The van actually has some power behind it while the Terrain always felt like it struggled to get going.
Took us FOREVER to actually get it though.
We got there around 10:40am... didn't leave until 3pm. Oh we got approved for it very quick since DH's credit is great, but they were so dang busy that it took them forever and a day to get it clean... that's it... just to clean it. And they didn't even do a good job of it lol. Oh well.
We've already taken advantage of the entertainment system in it and Zoe loves it! She got to watch Minions and barely said anything while it was on lol. We'll have to dig out all the kid appropriate dvds for the trip.

Bad news... both kids have hand, foot and mouth disease.... sigh.
The rash started showing up on Friday on both of them. Zoe had a couple of red dots around her mouth and Oren got them on his legs, his buttcrack and around his mouth.
I thought it was just from the eggs and figured he was getting the ones around his mouth b/c of the throwing up and the ones on his butt I thought was thrush again. Wasn't sure about the ones on his leg.
Welp... when we picked them up after getting the car, his rash was A LOT worse. Zoe had a few more spots around her mouth and just a few on her arms, but nothing super bad looking.
Oren looks terrible though from his butt to the soles of his feet. Ugly red blister spots that look painful, but thankfully don't seem to be. The ones around his mouth haven't gotten worse thankfully but he does have a few blisters on his arms and hands.
I think both are past the fever stage of it thankfully and thankfully they're both acting totally normal.
Oh and Zoe also has a few blister looking bumps in the back of her mouth. Couldn't get a good look at Oren's mouth but I'm sure he probably has some too since his rash is worse.

We're pretty sure that they caught it from someone at their church. MiL mentioned a mother that goes there posted on FB that her daughter was diagnosed with it, BUT she was told by the doctor that the girl wasn't contagious any longer so took her to church last Sunday. Well.. apparently that doctor needs to go back to medical school b/c my kids and at least one other from the church have it now.
I don't blame the mom... she trusted the doctor. :\

We had planned on going to a birthday party this weekend, but yeah.. not gonna happen. I did my internet research! :P lol Don't want my kids to spread it to others. Although we did take them out to dinner on Friday and on Saturday... oops.
Just really hoping that I had it as a child so hopefully my chances of getting it now is reduced.
It's not common for adults to catch it, but not impossible either. Read that adults usually don't get the rash, but can get the blisters in the mouth. OR they can get it, but just be carriers of it.
Will just have to make sure to wash my hands and not cough or anything when I go to my appointment on Wednesday.

And finally.. to end on some positive news... I finally cleaned the living room! YAY! Over half a bag of trash just in the living room area was thrown away. I swear, under the furniture is a magnet for loose trash!
But it's all cleaned up now..... No more puke spot and the carpets... at least in this area... are nice and clean :D Still stained to hell just from use, but... clean stained lo1. I don't like emptying the dirty water.. but man.. I do love cleaning the carpets. It's so nice watching the stains being cleaned.
Too bad my body didn't like the extra work I put it through, but oh well lol.

Oh look... it's already a mess where Zoe hangs out.... surprise surprise.

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