Thursday, April 7, 2016

Well that was... unpleasant...

So the tooth extraction went pretty quick.
It was quite a weird experience. Can't say it's something I want to go through again lol.

They first put a gel on the area to numb it some. Then the dentist came in and injected the area to numb it more and left for a few minutes while it worked.

That's a bit strange, having part of your mouth go numb.

They then came in and started the procedure and... yeah. There wasn't any pain, but the tugging on the tooth was still..... uncomfortable. The tooth didn't want to come out and I was afraid it would give way quick and they'd smash in to my bottom teeth lol.
That didn't happen, but my gosh.. the tugging on the tooth was just such a weird sensation.
THEN.... during the 4th or 5th tug...the tooth broke. Now that was a sound I could've lived without experiencing. I'm not really squeamish about dental work. Sure I was worried about what was wrong, but that whole drilling sound etc doesn't bother me.
BUT hearing the tooth break... not once, but twice.... yikes. That's just not a sound you want to hear lol.

Anywho... it was quick work after that. There was a little shard left that they got out, got in a stitch or 2 and yep.. that was it.
Went and picked up the prescriptions and feeling achy.
Started feeling achy waiting for the meds which sucks.
Was really hoping the numbness would last a lot longer, but nope.

I haven't actually taken the pain meds they gave me yet. They said it was ok, but to talk to my doctor if I was worried about it and it was probably best if I could not take as much of it and try to stick with tylenol which is what I did when I got home.
Asked the pharmacist that filled it if it was ok to take, and it's like every other med out there. It's mostly safe to take, but of course with no one wanting to experiment on pregnant women.. there's not definite answer to it.
I'm sure it's fine though and if the tylenol doesn't work, I'll take it.

Feels weird not having a tooth there anymore. I'm glad it's gone b/c I don't want that sensitivity issue anymore, but replacing the gauze in the area and running my tongue along the empty spot... it's such a weird sensation. lol

In other news... Poor Oren is miserable. His teeth are bothering him so much and he's in a teeth grinding phase right now too (Zoe did it too), which is not helping at all.
Brushed his teeth for the first time last night and tried to be as gentle as possible but it still hurt him some and there was a little bit of blood.

He's also struggling to eat anything crunchy which should be a bit obvious. Need to stick with soft foods for now until he's done teething.

OH and also.... he has thrush on his little butt crack. All up and down his butt crack. Thought it was just another rash, but then these gross feeling white pimple like bumps came up and yeah.. definitely not just a rash. But thankfully the cream is helping that and it didn't seem to really bother him that much anyway. Still glad it's clearing up though.

And I don't think we're getting the van this weekend. Grrrrrr
Inlaws aren't sure if they can take over the payment for the Terrain and also not sure if they can watch the kids this weekend b/c of some lodge thing they have. Sigh.
I mean it's not a huge deal, just more of an annoyance since I was looking forward to it and just want to get this over and done with. Need to get used to driving a van.

DH and myself have agreed that we really need to start eating better ASAP lol.
I've been on such a carb binge lately and our waists have shown it.
With my previous 2 pregnancies.. I could easily fit in to my fat pants still (18w). Now? I can button them up when standing, but they would dig in to me if I sat down.
I'm just gaining way too much and so is DH.
So we're planning on going stricter again starting next week. Just need to figure out what we'll be eating, but once that's set.. we should be good to go.
I may still have a bagel or something for lunch, but the rest will be more low carb friendly foods lol.

Woke up last night with awful indigestion at around 1:30 and DH snoring in my ear. Shook him awake and unfortunately he was having indigestion too and it kept him awake as well.
THEN a quick thunderstorm rolled over us and it hailed. Nothing like what happened a couple years ago. Just pea size hail this time, but still... that crap sounds like someone is throwing marbles at your house as hard as they can.
Surprised the kids didn't wake up.
It passed us really fast though so not a huge issue.
I still couldn't get back to sleep until around 4:30 though.
Just... sucked....
Hate this stupid insomnia crap. Every night, whether if it's for a reason or not.. I wake up usually between 2-3 and can't get back to sleep for a good hour or so. I NEED that sleep, but nooooooooo :\

Anywho... I'm done... need to find something soft that I can nom on.

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