Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Growing so fast :D

Oops... correction... it was UPS that picked up the package, not USPS.
Still though... UPS showed up, rang the doorbell twice quickly, then knocked right after. I was literally opening the door and the dude was already writing up their little "Missed you!" note. Seriously dude??? You waited a whole 30 frickin seconds before you were about to give up and leave???
Just... ugh.
Anyway... that's over and done with though so whatever.
I am still glad that that is even an option though.

I think we are probably going to get the van this weekend. YAY!
Liike DH, not looking forward to the new car payment, but am looking forward to a new car lol.
OOOOO new car smell!
Oh and after the big vomit incident on Monday... we're definitely going to need some seat protectors. In the Terrain... it's leather so it was easy to clean up the stuff that got on the seat.. but with the van.. it will probably be cloth and vomit would soak in to that quick and just... bleh. We need seat protectors.
Thankfully I think the Honda offers those. Kinda expensive, but will be worth it.

Oren is growing up so fast!
Before... he didn't even want to walk when holding on to both of his hands. Now, he's a little unsteady, but will walk when holding just one of his hands.
AND over the weekend, he started saying Tickle :D It sounds like 'wiggle' most of the time, but oh well lol.
Also yesterday, he started doing the hand thing for Itsy Bitsy Spider and tried singing it too. It was more of just him humming while trying to do the hand gestures, but still... SO CUTE!!
Also, he's been standing on his own a little more lately too. Not a whole lot and he'll only do it if he's a little distracted, but he's getting there :)

He is definitely getting some more teeth in. He's been SO drooly lately and it's so gross lol. That mixed with his constantly runny nose... yuck. I'm hoping once the teeth finally cut through, his poops will firm back up. Tired of him almost having blowouts on a daily basis.

Don't think he's feeling good today. He woke up so cranky and it didn't get any better. All he wanted to do was snuggle and eat. Hope it's not another ear infection or anything. He didn't feel warm or anything.

Zoe is doing well too. She woke up this morning freaked out b/c Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was playing from somewhere and she didn't know where it was coming from lol. Learned something new though... the monitor/camera for her room plays music o_O
Had no idea until I finally figured out where the music was coming from too lol.

She's getting a lot more rambunctious. She's not as gentle as she should be with Oren and just gets a bit too rough sometimes. She's just got SO much energy. I'm jealous. Wish I had half the energy she does.

She's also getting really good at not listening :\
Not too excited about this development rofl.
Have to repeat myself constantly to get her to pick up after herself. But.. she's still pretty good about it 50% of the time.
You wouldn't guess that looking at the living room though.
I cleaned it up just 3 days ago and looking at it now.. you would think that I haven't touched the vacuum in a month. It's a disaster area in here and there's just nothing I can do about it. Just a constant state of chaos.

And finally... I frickin love the show Fixer Upper!!! Wish Netflix had all of the episodes on there instead of just 2 seasons. How awesome is the couple?? Their relationship just seems to genuine and loving and they're both so funny together.
But what I really love is that the clients come in with nice middle class budgets AND for the reno budget... they get a lot for their money.
Now I do love the show Property Brothers too, but I always have to wonder WTF do those clients do to be able to afford half a million or more dollar shitty homes?? And it's like the majority of those people always want to live in or near the city so it's always those attached homes that are 100 years old that are WAY overpriced for a tiny house.
Plus... even if they have something like a 100k budget for reno.... somehow, they always still only get a kitchen and then one other room.... that's it.
But on Fixer Upper...there are nice big properties and even with smaller budgets... they get so much more done. They usually fix up the outside w/ landscaping, do multiple rooms, etc etc. It's just so much funner to watch when they can do more to the home.. ya know?
Anyway... love both shows... just like Fixer Upper more :D

I'm just addicted to HGTV shows. That channel and probably a couple others would be the only channels I ever watched if we had cable... which is why we don't have cable b/c that crap is not worth it *nodnod*

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