Thursday, April 7, 2016

Children in bed and I'm all alone...


And by party, I mean I'm sitting here in silence and enjoying the F out of it!
AND! I ate the last 2 popsicles and didn't have to share them! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Life is good :D rofl

Felt like posting again before I head off to do the nightly rituals before laying in bed and reading my book (The Girl with all the Gifts).

DH is off at his friend's house... kids are asleep and all is right with the world right now.

Mouth doesn't really hurt that bad. It aches and putting the gauze on the area makes it ache more so now that it's not bleeding as much... I'm not worrying about the gauze.
It's still such a weird feeling having that tooth gone. I keep wanting to tongue the area, but also not wanting to touch it b/c I don't want to touch a tender part and have it hurt lol.

Tylenol earlier worked just fine for the pain. It didn't take it completely away, but it worked well enough that it wasn't noticeable.
I did end up taking one of the prescription pills though.. generic version of Norco. Worked a lot better for a little while but starting to ache just a little. Will probably just stick with tylenol since it worked fine and the pain hopefully won't be as bad.
Just a little paranoid about taking the prescription stuff. It didn't make me feel all funky thank goodness as I've read some people experienced while on it. I still don't understand that appeal. /shrugs

Oren was a little better today. Not as cranky. He was having a hard time eating crunchy foods, but as the day went on, that didn't seem to be as big of a problem for him as it was in the morning. So yay for that :)

Oh I forgot to mention that he has a blister on his bottom lip. Just popped up out of nowhere the other night.
DH thought maybe he was fed something too hot, but he wasn't. The only warmed up things he ate was some oatmeal and something else that I can't remember, but I do know that it wasn't hot at all. So I'm pretty sure that wasn't the cause.
And neither myself or DH suffer from cold sores or have any type of herpes so that's not the cause of it unless he contracted it from someone else which I doubt.

Thinking it has something to do with the teething going on, but not sure why.

He is just getting cuter and cuter though. I went to the bathroom and heard him coming my way saying "Dada??? DADAAAA????"
And when DH got home and went outside for a moment... he was looking around for him and saying that too in that questioning manner. So darn adorable!
He still won't actually say it to our faces though. Whenever we try to get him to say it.. he'll start babbling.
Baby babbles are pretty darn cute :)

The boy loves playing in the dog water though. I have to always make sure to stop him before he starts making his way to it. Didn't do that earlier today though.
Heard the bowl being banged and yep... he dumped out the big bowl of water all on the floor. SIGH!
And I can not get him to stop eating the frickin dog food.
I had JUST gotten done feeding him so thought that he wouldn't go for the dog food when I fed them. NOPE! He still did.
Thank goodness our dogs don't have any kind of food aggression b/c he was helping himself to some of the kibble.
Zoe was the same way with both of those. Always wanted to play with the dog's water (and still does sometimes) and used to want to eat the dog food and did a few times.
Crazy children.

I think overall he is over the pacifier.... but naps are still screaming crying hell. Sometimes for night time too. He just hates going down for naps even though he's clearly tired. That's all this baby is going to recognize when it comes out. Mommy's sighs of exhaustion and brother's screaming crying fits lol. Oh and Zoe's whining crying fits :P lol

And what is it with kids and bandaids?? Zoe has an unhealthy obsession with them and I'm sure she's not the only one. Any little bump.. invisible or not needs a bandaid. The girl would be covered in them if we let her (and had enough in the house).
Just... I don't get it lol.

She is doing great though. Just so talkative and loves helping out. Taking full advantage of that now while she does still want to help out mommy rofl.
It's so fun watching her play and hearing her little stories she makes up for her dolls.

Told DH that we ARE buying her one of those water tables for her birthday too. They're not that expensive and the kids will love it. They both LOOOOOOOVE taking a bath so much so it's not like the water table thing would go to waste. It would get played with... a lot.

This baby is a strong little one in there. Feel most of the movement pretty low in the bladder area, but sometimes feel it much higher too. Must be rolling around or stretching its legs.

Oh and another sound it will be familiar with... mommy's farts.
Lots and lots of farts. Thankfully most of them don't stink... they're just usually super loud lol.
Zoe and I think they're hilarious :P Oren doesn't care and DH just looks at me in horror. rofl
I don't care though. I let them rip. Not holding that in and getting a cramp b/c of it. It would be different if they did smell bad, but they've been odorless for the most part.

What hasn't been odorless though have been my armpits. Holy BO Batman! Thankfully it's not super strong, but it's still gross.

My face is also breaking out too. I just feel... so attractive right now. :P
Anywho.... wrote a lot more than I thought I would. Too late to read now. It's only 9:30, but this is late for me and I'm tired!
Time to go snuggle up in bed and hopefully get to sleep nice and quick. Oh sleep..... how I love thee.

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