Tuesday, April 26, 2016

One more day...

... one more day of guilt free eating... ROFL.
Really should have been eating healthier to begin with but pfft.. carbs are damn tasty and tasty meat is expensive.
Oh well... just 14 more weeks to go. And it's not like I have to give up everything. I just have to portion control BIG TIME.
Not looking forward to sticking my fingers again, but gotta do what ya gotta do :)
I get to see LO again tomorrow morning so that's a plus too :) Hope everything is ok and they can make sure the heart looks ok.

DH is watching the kids while I go. He's going out of town for work until Friday and leaving tomorrow. Going to be a pain, but meh... not too bad either.
I just get super paranoid when I'm home alone at night. Hell.. I'm paranoid now b/c we still have our windows open. Every little sound I hear at night when I'm trying to get me to sleep has me convinced some crazy serial killer is breaking in to the home lol.

Think the HFM disease is causing some diarrhea issues in Oren. He's had no eggs recently, but his poops are loose again.
Great :\
BUT his rash is looking better today. Not as severe and not as spread out. So that's a good sign at least :)

All I want to do is sleep. I've actually been sleeping fairly well now that DH isn't snoring the roof off the house. He actually hasn't been snoring much at all thankfully.
But even with the better sleep.. I'm waking up feeling more tired.
I just need one day where I can sleep in until 10... or noon.. ya know.. whichever :P lol
Last night I did wake up to pee, but when I laid down.. super bad stomach ache. Thought I was going to throw up but thankfully I didn't.
Did eventually sit up and go sit on the toilet for a bit.
I swear.. I've never heard my stomach growl that loud and that aggressively ever before ROFL. It seriously shocked me how loud it was and I'm really surprised baby didn't jump when it happened.
It's pretty crazy and also not all that shocking how far up my stomach is right now too.
I felt the growl right under my boobs. It's no wonder why I have reflux all the dang time.

Will be needing to go shoe shopping this weekend o next weekend. Guess it depends on if we're comfortable taking the kids out.
We'll see what happens.
Trip is at the end of May so there's still time to get some shoes and break them in.
I just hate shoes.... I want my flip flops!

Alrighty... that's all for now I think. Oren is napping and I want to try to relax and possibly get in a nap too before he wakes.

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