Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Go to sleep!!

I feel like a lot of my posts are titled that or something similar lol.

I put Oren down for a nap about 40mins ago, he woke up about 10 or so and has been crying to get up since. No sir little dude. You better get your butt back to sleep b/c I am not dealing w/ a grumpy baby for the rest of the day.

And he's also been either waking up soon after we put him down for the night or taking forever to go to sleep. UUUUUUGH.... I hate hearing him cry but checking on him will only make things worse.

DH and I are going to have to both sit down and find attractions to visit on the road trip. I can't do this on my own b/c I have no idea how far out of the way he wants to go or anything.
I did find this cool Parthenon replica in Nashville that sounds interesting. Just someplace to go to stretch our legs some plus it just looked pretty neat.

Other than that though /shrugs

Oh but some good news. DH's friend was able to rent another trailer for us. Only for 2 nights so we'll have to stay in the $300 hotel for a night, but hey... that's better than having to stay there for all 3 nights.
We just have to bring our own sheets and blankets and stuff, but that won't be a problem.
So yay for that at least :)

I had more to say but Oren's refusal to go back to sleep has pushed everything else out of my head...... If he's still not asleep in another 10min.. I guess I'll get him. Sleep little dude...... SLEEP!!!

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